Friday, September 24, 2010

Have I Mentioned??????


(You should be able to click on this picture to make it bigger)

This week, our church has a revival. Our pastor, Jeremy Freeman's dad is an evangelist. Ken Freeman has quite the story, and sadly, more people can relate to the story than I would like to think.

While Ken was in town, he had the opportunity to speak to Newcastle Middle School, Newcastle High School, Tuttle Middle School and Tuttle High School. Obviously, he was not able to tell the students about Jesus, but he was able to tell his story... the students were so captivated by his story, the came back in the evenings in MASSES. And, we are so blessed in our community, 3 of the 4 principals, encouraged the students to go in the evening, and told them they would be bringing their families.

Our final night (Wednesday..which is when the picture above is taken), we had 1100 people in our sanctuary that seats 700. 400-500 of them were teenagers. Teenagers that do not have church homes. Teenagers that needed to hear about Jesus. And hear about Jesus they did. When it came time for the invitation, I have never seen anything like it. Over 100 teenagers accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior that night. That doesnt even count the adults that made decisions. I was speechless. I normally dont help with the counseling, because if anyone ever accepts Jesus, I get emotional. I am not kidding.. it started when I got saved. But I knew that night, that I needed to be a big girl and help counsel. What a blessing.

God is up to something in Newcastle. And I can not be MORE happy to be apart. I am thankful that God called Craig and I to serve at FBC Newcastle. It is absolutely refreshing to be apart of a church that is alive and healthy and proactive in serving our community and teaching them about Jesus.

Throughout the week, we had 240 total decisions, with 180 of them being salvation decisions. Praise the Lord! What a week!! Now comes the follow up! We are excited and ready!!!


Jennifer said...

Wow, praise the Lord! Thanks for sharing!

The Heskew Happenings said...

I have been in church my WHOLE life and have NEVER EVER seen anything like this!! Amazing!! I am soooo soooo soooo blessed to be a part of it also! Thank you Jesus!

MKS said...

That is SO amazing! I get emotional as well when someone accepts Christ. It's so amazing!

Tracy and Adam said...

How exciting! Ken Freeman used to speak at my church when I was growing up and I remember really enjoying listening to him. He also did a lot of our youth camps I think. Keep us posted!

mckenziegordon said...

That is so great Danielle! We will be praying for your church family as you disciple those who have come to a new faith in Jesus. Really, that is incredible!
And I know what you mean about counseling. I get super emotional too, and try to let others lead out because of it.

Megan said...

It was a great week! I can't stop thinking about the song God of this City when I think about all that is still to be done in NEWcastle!

coco said...

Danielle! that is awesome! praise the Lord!