Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall Decor

I love decorating for fall. My living room arrangement has changed some since last fall, so its been fun to change things up and add to it.

I was reading a blog and this girl made these super cute apothecary jars for $2 each! She found a candlestick and a vase, each from the Dollar Tree. And hot glued them. How easy is that! I decided I needed to make them. So I headed to the Dollar Tree in Norman during my lunch break. So I found the exact candlesticks the girl used... she made one, I decided I wanted three.So I bought three different sizes. The middle size is what the girl used on the blog. I filled one with some spanish moss that I already had. The second one, I used a candle that I already had, and looked in my pantry and found some flax seed (ha!), it was the right color, so I used it. And then the third one I used some pretty corn that my mother in law brought us.
I hot glued the candlesticks to the vases.. took less than 5 minutes. Thats the kind of craft, I can do. Successfully.
I paired my apothecary jars with my fabric pumpkins that I picked up at Hobby Lobby after the season last year for $2. I really love the way that it turned out.



MKS said...

I think you and I read the same blog! :)
Thanks for the design props. I'm having a lot of fun with it! If you ever want something else for yours I could probably make you something. Free of course, I'm not that talented. ;)
Oh and I'm not saying yours is ugly by any means, just thought I'd offer my services to friends because I like doing it.

Scott, Stacy, Maddie, Elle and Lola said...

VERY cute!!! You are GOOD!!!

Ben and Addie said...

looks great!!

mgoff said...

I am continually impressed by your craftiness!