Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Uh Oh Peez

We had another rainy day, so it was like pulling teeth to get Jackson to come inside. He just LOVES rain. He thinks it is just too much fun.

I feel like Jackson keeps changing over night. He is now climbing on all furniture. He would rather sit at the dining room table than in his high chair. He LOVES sitting in my Memaws chair, and he gets the biggest grin, he is just so proud of himself.

He is talking more. He has always been super vocal. And we still dont have a clue what he is saying the majority of the time. But, he has really started saying more that we understand. Of course he says, momma (or mommy), dadda, papa, no (he is REALLY good at this one!), zebra, Aubrey and Bo (two of his friends at school) and uh oh. He normally says uh oh when he drops something, and if he wants me to pick it up, I ask him to say please. So now when he says uh oh, he just goes ahead and says please... uh oh peez. It is adorable.

We are really having to figure out what is the best form of discipline for Jackson. We are no where close to really figuring it out.. honestly. But, I have started counting. The other morning, Jackson was playing behind his rocking chair in his room with his lamp cord (he LOVES cords), I told him no no, he looked down at the ground but did not put the cord down. So I started counting.. After I said one... he dropped the cord and RAN out of his room. It was hysterical.

We dont like for him to watch alot of TV. But the two shows that are by far his favorites are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Yo Gabba Gabba. He just claps and dances around the room (especially with Yo Gabba Gabba).

He is at a really fun age! And we are loving EVERY minute!!


Marisa said...

So sweet! It's amazing what they are able to do and understand at such a young age isn't it??

MKS said...

AWWWWWWWWW! SO. SO. Sweet. I have never had the pleasure of meeting this little guy. Kyle is apparently working you guys' DNow, so I will go stay with my parents in Mustang (that's where we are both from). Maybe I'll swing by one of the evening group sessions and hopefully meet the little man!