Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wierd Week. Wierd.

This has been a strange week. A good week. Just really weird things happened.

Remember, my last post about my allergic reaction to the supposed weed killer. Well, Wednesday, my mom offered to watch Jackson so that I could focus and get some work done. She had made a salad from Pioneer Woman's website. It was really good, it had lettuce (really green lettuce), bell peppers, bean sprouts, cucumbers, linguine and a vinegrette dressing. Before I was done eating, the top of my chest and my throat started tightening up... it was such a strange feeling. I never felt like I couldnt breathe.. but it was definitely tightening up.
Then Thursday, I went and got my hair rehighlighted and trimmed. I just love getting my hair done... its such a refreshing time, plus I LOVE the girl who does my hair. So sweet. When it came time to dry my hair, she told me that my hair is now CURLY in the back. I had been noticing that my straightener hadnt been doing a great job. I thought it was just because I had a cheap straightener. Those of you that have known me for a while, you know my hair has been straight as a board... strange.

After my hair appointment, I met some of our youth workers for dinner. We went to Charlestons, and I got a salad. I honestly wasnt even thinking about my lunch at moms. I got the fried chicken salad with creamy garlic dressing. My favorite. Well, again, I couldnt get through the meal without having the top of my chest and throat tightening up again. I can not figure out what I am allergic to... I would guess the lettuce (thats the common denominator.. that I know for sure).. but I know that sounds silly since lettuce is so much water... Who knows!

Well no more allergic reactions this week.. but last night (Saturday), we went over to my parents for dinner, so we could hear about Ward and Reese's trip to Colorado, and Craig could talk about Falls Creek. Reese also took Jackson's 18 month pictures. Jackson was getting sleeping, so we left about 7 or so... when we walked in our house, we both noticed that our house smelled SUPER funny. I thought... "oh my goodness, our house is so dirty, it stinks" but Craig immediately said, "thats gas". So we called ONG, they told us it would be 30 minutes to an hour before a guy could be at our house. It was still 95 degrees in Newcastle.. and we have mosquitos the size of birds.. it was miserable. Needless to say, after many calls to ONG, our friend, Chris came over. He is a firefighter, and he found the leak. It was coming from our hot water tank. He fixed it. His sweet wife, invited Jackson and I over so that I could give him a bath. By 11 pm, the ONG guy came. Ok, thats THREE hours later, we got the ok that the leak was fixed and we could go back in our house. What a NIGHTMARE.

Strange Strange week... But i will leave you with one of Jackson's precious 18 month pictures. Thanks Reese, they are wonderful!How can this sweet face.. not make any week wonderful?!


KillerB said...

Danielle-- that's so scary! I'm so glad that you all happened to go out so that you could come home and notice the smell. How terrifying to think that you may not have noticed the gas if you had been there as the leak filled your house?

mgoff said...

oh my goodness!

Dara Steward said...

Crazy week for sure! Glad you are all ok. Your reactions are weird... might want to carry a little benadryl in your purse just in case next time it's worse. And I love the picture of Jackson! So much personality. Reese really does a great job! Miss you.