Thursday, July 29, 2010

Not One of My Strengths

Warning: Mom if you are reading this... you MIGHT be embarrassed. :)This is the flower bed on the left side of my house. I guess you could use the term, "flower bed" loosely considering there is zero flowers in this bed. Instead there are just a bunch of evergreen bushes that are UGLY. The builder put them in, and I have not taken them out.. I do hate them, but I dont know what I would put in instead.. so if you have suggestions, I would love them. But thats not why I am posting this picture. I am posting this picture to display my horrific gardening skills... look at those weeds. Do you notice how you do not see any mulch or ground..thats because there is so much grass and weeds going in that flower bed. Sick. You would think that I have never weeded before ever since we have lived here. I have. I really have. Obviously, not as often as I should. But I have.
I have talked with my moms group and have gotten some helpful hints, so I do plan to put those into action... when? I dont know.. but I do have that plan.

So when Jackson and I got home from Falls Creek, I noticed my flower beds and was SO embarrassed. I just kept thinking about how much I complain about my neighbors yard..and thought "oh my goodness... my flower beds are almost as bad" so after I put Jackson to bed, I took the monitor outside and weeded the flower bed at the right of my front door.
This is what it looks like now (notice.. you can see ground and mulch.. success). Again, dont LOVE these bushes either.. suggestions.. really? However, they are not as bad as those UGLY evergreen ones. And I may REALLY need suggestions, because I used weed killer (pre-speaking to my mom and my moms group), so I possibly killed these bushes.. OOPS. But I didnt get to see ground and mulch until I pulled ALL of THAT! EMBARRASSING! Thats a lot of stuff that should not be found in a flower bed. (See Mom... yuck!)

Side note: that weedkiller.. pretty sure that the Oklahoma wind must have made some of it get in mouth? or something? because I had this SUPER STRANGE allergic reaction later that night... ending in me FREAKING out because I was home alone with Jackson and my mouth was swelling and I kept thinking that my whole throat was going to swell and I was not going to be able to do anything because I was the primary caregiver of Jackson. I called my mom approximately 8 times in an hour. Thankfully a sweet Newcastle friend brought me some benedryl and I made myself go to sleep so I wouldnt freak out anymore. So beware.. weed killers= dangerous not only to your plants but to your mouth.


Scott, Stacy, Maddie, Elle and Lola said...

this makes me chuckle. I am bad at plants of any kind, I have no suggestions :) I always refer to myself as a bad "plant mommy"

coco said...

bahaha! your poor allergic reaction makes me sad but knowing your better...well, now it makes me laugh. love you! excited to see you! i'll text you and see what days next week work best (or early into the week after that).

The Heskew Happenings said...

I actually was gonna pull these for you when I was picking up your packages but I got to thinking about letting my kids run around in the yard that close to the highway and I decided it might not be the best idea!! I actually like to pull weeds! Kind of a de-stresser! :-)