Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dallas Weekend

At the beginning of July, Craig and I made the trek to Dallas to be a part of Jen and Ryan's big day! Ryan was one of Craig's former students in Hot Springs. His family is very dear to us, and we were so excited that we were able to be there and support them during this exciting time.
Jackson stayed with mom and dad, of course, he had the best time! Craig and I left on Friday morning, and stopped at Falls Creek for Craig to speak at FBC Bethany's cabin. Then we stopped in Ardmore for lunch, and made the drive to Dallas in constant rain.When we got to the hotel, and were unloading the car, we realized that we had left Craig's suits at our house in Newcastle. In Newcastle. I had a headache from driving in the rain.. but knew it was more important that Craig was at the rehearsal than it was that I was there. Considering he was performing the ceremony!

One of our college students got into our house, got the suits and met me more than half way at the Texas Welcome Center. Seriously, Kyler was our hero! We were supposed to meet halfway, but considering we discovered the suit mishap at 430 on a Friday in the middle of Dallas, I was in a bit of traffic heading back to Oklahoma.
Because of Kyler's generosity, I was actually able to get back to the hotel, quick reapply some makeup, throw on my dress, and get to the rehearsal dinner. It was at a restaurant in Dallas, called Mattitos. Oh my goodness. If you go to Dallas... go. They had the absolute best queso.... ever. And the fajitas were great too!!!

Saturday was a super lazy day.. I was exhausted from our day before. Craig and I had lunch at Pappadeauxs and then frozen yogurt at Pink Berry. And we took naps.. it was perfect. Then it was time to get ready to go up to the church for the wedding!!!Jenn and Ryan got married at the church that George W. Bush goes to... it is beautiful!!!Speaking of beautiful... Jen looked stunning!!!So was the church!!! It was a beautiful wedding!! I, of course, thought my husband did a great job!!!

The reception was at the Rosewood Crescent Hotel... it was alot of fun! The centerpieces were gorgeous!!!Getting to catch up with friends from Hot Springs was a blessing!

Congrats Ryan and Jen!


The Heskew Happenings said...

THats a cute pic of ya'll!! And I am so gonna have to make that cheesecake!! U rock girl!