Saturday, August 7, 2010


I read all these fabulous house blogs... these girls are talented, creative AND thrifty. I really like that last part the best. Thrifty.

When Craig and I moved into our new house, it was just a few weeks before Jackson was born. So, we arranged furniture, hung things on the walls, and that was it. I love most everything about my house, there are a few things that MUST change. Like for instance, the crown molding is wood color and the molding by the floor is white. Thats dumb. But I really think that the crown molding painting should be done by a professional... so money is not allocated to that fund. So with that, I dont LOVE the paint color.. its kind of an oatmeal... OR one shade darker than white. I want something different.. but I dont really feel its necessary to paint the living room (because of the rounded corners and open floor plans, I will be painting, living, dining, kitchen and hallway, the same color) until the crown molding can be painted. Again.. funds. My builder is building several new houses in our neighborhood, so I thought I would call and see how much it would be to have his painters, just "drop by" while in the neighborhood... BUT, Mr. Builder and I just had a bit of a tiff last week.. so I will NOT be asking.

With all of that being said... I am going to work on being thrifty like the talented girls that I follow on blogs. Here are some things that will be updated. Some by just alittle... some alittle bit more major. Some may take a bit longer than others, but I will keep you updated with my changes.My Memaw's chair. Its a small swivel chair. I love it... my brother have many memories in this chair at my memaw's house. I do not love (at all) the fabric... so we will be making some changes. Keep in mind, I have NEVER sewn a thing in my life.. not even a button...My couch. Also from my Memaw. It was a blessing, she left all of her furniture to me.. which was so GREAT, especially just graduating college. Well, it has been quite a few years since I graduated college.. the couch is still in AWESOME shape.. however, the early 90s green really has GOT to go. Our patio table.. which used to be mom and dad's breakfast table, and then my kitchen table until Mom found us the fabulous FREE one! Nothing is really WRONG with this.. maybe just alittle updating!This piece of furniture in my living room.. it is from my Grandma's house, was in my parents house, and I have had it since my OKC house. Again, nothing wrong with it... just some updates.This is our mantel (obviously AT Christmas.. I dont keep ornaments and stockings up all year). So it has the greenery and the TV all the time. Our mantel is SUPER SUPER deep, obviously made for the TV. However, they didnt put the cable plug up there. Dumb. But, anyway, I am not a fan of the TV being up there anyway.... AND I want a pretty mantel. So changes to come!

Maybe some other surprises will be thrown in there... but I will keep you updated on my progress!!


Angela W said...

Big Lots has really inexpensive slip covers. That's where we got ours and they work great.

MKS said...

I've never sewn anything either! Kyle broke the button on one of his shorts and I've been watching YouTube videos so I can surprise him by fixing it! Everyone is shocked that I've never done that before.

What are you planning on doing with the black drawers? I bet it would look really cool if you sanded it and made it distressed..if you're into that sort of look.

Elizabeth said...

For paint, I recommend Behr paint + primer in one paint. You can get it at Home Depot, but not Lowes. It's a little more expensive than a normal gallon ($32) but it pays off because you don't have to pay for primer and it coats like butter so on light walls it will only take 1 coat. Even on the darkest wall we painted it only took 2 coats. Totally worth every penny! And, if you find a color in a different brand, just take it to the paint counter and they can scan it to match it exactly. (crazy technology, right!?)

The Austins said...

Can't wait to see your changes. You are very talented, so I know that it will be beautiful!

Oklahoma City OK Homes for Sale said...

It a beautiful house..I’d switch mine for her’s in a heartbeat..or maybe half. The commentary on Jezebel’s post was hilarious.