Monday, August 9, 2010

Makeover Monday

Let me just say... I do not promise to have a "makeover" every Monday. But when I DO, I will feature it on Monday.
My friend, April, has a Makeover Monday on her blog (which is set to private, or I would like you up to her!), thought the name was cute.. so I am going to borrow the name. Thanks friend!

I wrote a blog this weekend showing a few things that I am working on in my house. Like I said in that blog, there will be some projects that require alot of work, and some that dont require much. I am going to show you one today, that didnt take much work. :)
My grandma's dresser. It was a wood color at first, we painted it black for my OKC house. Since I posted the other blog, I have received a couple of really good suggestions. I decided NOT to paint it right now, I may want it white, eventually... but I am going to live with it black for a while and make a decision. But for now...I changed the knobs. Such an easy adjustment.. but makes such a big difference. I LOVE it. I found the super cute crystally knobs at Hobby Lobby for half price. Jackson loves them too.. he can hardly keep his sweet little hands off of them. :)


Scott, Stacy, Maddie, Elle and Lola said...

that looks so cute! That dresser is super cute, I love it black!

Oklahoma City Homes said...

black colour has much shine then other colours and i am also like this colour its looking so beauty full