Thursday, August 19, 2010

Glass Shower

This is our shower. We love that in this house, we have the separate shower and bath tub. My parents always had a glass shower in their house in Edmond. I knew that they squeegeed (oh my goodness, I dont know how to spell that word.. but you know what I mean), the shower. So thats what Craig and I have done. Even though we do it every time we get out of the shower, we were still getting some fog at the bottom of the shower door. The first time I cleaned it, I found some recipe on the internet with water and baking soda.

Well, at my moms group, we do something different each week. I have mentioned this before, on Tasty Tuesdays. Well one week, we brought our favorite cleaning supplies, and played a game, where we passed the cleaning supplies in a circle till the music stopped (we did that three times), and whichever cleaning supply we ended up with at the end of the third time, we got to leave with. This is what I got to bring home. My friend, Julie, brought it. She said that she uses it for EVERYTHING. I had not used it, but when I started to look up that recipe online for cleaning the shower, I remembered my new cleaning supply. I went and looked, it seemed like it would work great. I tried it on a small spot on the door, and the fog disappeared. So I went ahead and cleaned the whole shower. Oh my goodness. It worked wonders. Soooo... if you have a glass shower.. get you some of this Greased Lightening!


Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness, love the name! I'll look for this and give it a try.

KillerB said...

Aaaaannd now the song is stuck in my head. Thanks A LOT, Danielle! ;)