Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Best Friends.

See that happy face on my baby boy. That is the face he always has when Kodey is around. Kodey is one of our students, and Jackson has chosen him as his FAVORITE. He LOVES him. Jackson can scout him out in any room! Kodey plays the drums in our praise band, and Jackson sits on his lap and plays the drums with him, he LOVES it.
My Aunt Judy gave Jackson this drum. So being like Kodey, he brings that toy ALL over the house with him. He is such a big boy!
Kodey and Caleb came and mowed our grass for us, after Falls Creek, because the belt on our lawn mower had broken. They did a great job. But when Jackson woke up from his nap, and saw Kodey outside, he could care less about lunch time, he just wanted to stand at the window and watch. So I set his lunch up at his window. It was such a treat.

Craig and I feel so blessed that our son is surrounded by people who love him. Not only do we live near our family, which is HUGE, our church family is an absolute blessing. And to top off, that we get to work with the most amazing students who LOVE our child... such such a blessing.


MKS said...

This is the cutest thing ever! I bet our youth kids will do the same thing with our future children, or at least I hope so! :)