Sunday, June 13, 2010

Swimming Summer

Remember these pictures.... this was Jackson's six month pictures. And the first time he had on his bathing suit. He was/is just SO white and so little I was extremely afraid that he was going to get burned. So I deprived him of "swimming" his first summer.
Well this year, the Easter Bunny brought Jackson his own pool, and new bathing suit.. so he HAD to try it out!
And he LOVED it SO much......That Craig thought Jackson needed a bigger one! Now, if you are wondering I am still REALLY worried about Jackson getting burned. So that IS an egg crate that used to be on our bed (kinda of looks like sand right?!?) and its on our patio! :)
And he LOVED it even more!!!! What a happy sweet baby boy!!! We have already spent many many hours out under our patio! And NO sunburn yet!!! :)


April said...

That looks like fun! I never thought to leave the kiddie pool on the patio. We had a giant umbrella that we had to chase anytime there was a breeze. :)

Jennifer said...

What a cutie! I love his fun pool too!

reeseann said...

hahahaha i love that picture of him in the tub with his hat on. tell him to stop growing, i can't take it! :)