Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lets Celebrate!!!

My precious friend, Amy Milner, came to the wedding to hang out with Jackson. And then she took him back to my parents to put him to bed. She was such a blessing to our family that night, because Craig and I were able to go to the reception and celebrate with Ward and Reese, without having to worry about Jackson!!When you walked into Gallardia, they had the doors to the ballroom closed. But they had the amazing candy bar set up, and then had pictures of Ward and Reese set out for everyone to see.
It was a cocktail hour, so they had waiters walking around with different appetizers, like shrimp shooters and bruschetta. Super yummy!!!Outside, they had a HUGE fire pit! Thats where the cigar lady hung out, therefore, thats where alot of the men were. :)They opened the ballroom doors, after Ward and Reese saw the ballroom first. It was absolutely breathtaking!The flowers were BEAUTIFUL!The cakes were AMAZING. Not as in the "amazing" that was overused at OBU.. but truely.. AMAZING!The details were well thought out and PERFECT!The photo booth was entertaining!!The company was SUPER FUN!Overall, it was an absolutely wonderful way to celebrate Ward and Reese, and the start of their married life together!!!!


reeseann said...

thank you for documenting all of this, Danielle!