Monday, June 7, 2010

The Wedding!

I wasnt able to take pictures DURING the ceremony (obviously).
But I can tell you that it was beautiful. And perfect.
The front of the church was BEAUTIFUL!Standing at the back of the church, being the first bridesmaid to walk down, hearing Katie Diefenderfers BEAUTIFUL voice singing "Make Us One", and seeing my brother at the end of the aisle because he was getting married...It was a GOOD thing Franna had these made. I started crying AS SOON as I started walking down the aisle. I DIDNT EVEN CRY WHEN I GOT MARRIED! And I mean, not like just a sweet little tear going down my face. Like I had to look down and breathe through my mouth to try and gain control. It was ridiculous.. really. My brother and husband were somewhat laughing at me.

But thankfully, when Macey Claire (the flower girl) came down the aisle, she CHUNKED the flower petals AT people. The wedding coordinator told her to "throw" the flowers. When Jodi (Macey Claire's mom), asked clarifying questions, like, "you mean you want her to drop them?, etc", she said "no, I want her to throw them." And throw them, she did. It was hysterical. It was just what I needed so I could get control.

Claire Westbrook, Sara Young, Katie Diefenderfer, and a bunch of Claire's family did the music. Not only did they do, "Make Us One", they also sang "My Beloved" by Kari Jobe. BEAUTIFUL.

Craig performed the ceremony. Of course, I am biased, but I thought he did a fantastic job. He did a great job of balancing seriousness, with a bit of humor. He made it personal, which I love. And he spoke of so many very relevant things in Ward and Reese's lives. It was very special.
Wahoo!!!! They are MARRIED!!!!!!!!!


KillerB said...

Gorgeous couple! You must be so proud of your brother :)