Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Many Faces of Jackson

Craig and I feel tremendously blessed that we have a large selection of babysitters whom we trust, and know that they love Jackson!
One of our favorite babysitters, Jessie, recently got a new fancy camera for her birthday! So the last time she babysat Jackson, she took some GREAT pictures that really captured his personality. I just wanted to share.We see this face alot, when we are being hysterical. He laughs SO. HARD.Sweet boy!Jackson LOVES to play golf. We tell him he can only hit balls, and he normally does a really GREAT job of sticking with these rules! We see this face alot, when he gets excited about something and he really wants to tell us about it!We see this face alot, when he is trying to figure out what Craig or I's reaction will be to something he says or does. (I LOVE this face!)
This is his face when he is concentrating and telling you something really important. (Another favorite of mine!)And this is one of his mischevious faces. We see these ALOT! :)

Thanks Jessie for doing such a great job of capturing my precious baby boy (who is not quite a baby anymore!) at this stage of his life!


KillerB said...

He's getting so big!

It's so strange to see that picture of him holding his golf club-- just walking around like he's been walking his whole life... :)

Dara Steward said...

So cute. The second picture is a mini-Craig like I've never seen before! Aren't their expressions so fun?! We need to see you soon. I know you are busy though.

April said...

I love to see pictures of Jackson...he makes me smile!!