Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sweet Baby?

Yesterday was a ROUGH day in the Smith household. I think Jackson is going to have to get used to me being his mommy again. (I spent the last week at Super Summer, and Jackson spent the week at his Honey and Papa's, where he got constant attention and entertainment).

It started off with Jackson staying up later than normal on Sunday night. We had all the Super Summer kids over to hang out, and Jackson L.O.V.E.S when our students are over, so there is NO way that he is going to bed on time.

He woke up around the normal time on Monday morning (7ish). He woke up on the WRONG side of the bed. Instead of eating his blueberries that he loves, he was smashing them imbetween his fingers and making a mess with the juice. As soon as he was done with breakfast, he went STRAIGHT to the cordless phone and started playing with the cord... which he KNOWS he is not supposed to do. So I put him back in bed (8ish).. thats what we do when he disobeys... he laid in bed and talked for a while and then fell back asleep till close to 11.

I thought SURELY that he would be back to sweet little Jackson when he woke up... WELL... as soon as he woke up, he grabbed the fly swatter off the top of cabinet in our living room.. for some reason he LOVES to play with it. I think its gross... so I picked him up, and took away the fly swatter. He started WAILING, got a super mean face and grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled it H.A.R.D. I told him no, and spanked him, which did NOTHING, other than make him more mad, so he took both of his hands with handfuls of hair and pulled. So.. I put him BACK in his crib for some quiet time. And called my mom.. because I was TICKED.

The rest of the day really wasnt any better. Anytime I would try and pick him up to move him away from some where he shouldnt be (normally the kitchen), he would throw himself backwards and scream! And diaper changes were about impossible.

When it was getting close to the end of the day without Craig (I COULD NOT WAIT FOR HIM TO GET HOME), Jackson decided he wanted ONE of his shoes on. Just one. And when I did not put it on him right away, he threw it AT MY FACE.

Needless to say, thats why my son looks so unfortunate in that top picture.. with his shirt not buttoned, there is a blueberry stain on the front, and one shoe on... we are working on learning "who is boss".

Do not get me wrong... Jackson still had (a few) sweet moments yesterday. But the majority of the day was rough. This blog is like my journal (scrapbook) for Jackson and his family to have one day... so I want to show all sides to his babyhood. :)

I love him more than words... and because I love him so much, Craig and I have GOT to wrap our arms around discipline. Its alot harder than I ever thought it would be.


coco said...

Oh Danielle! You are making me flashback to when Brendle was little. That's the hardest I've ever worked was when I stayed at home with her particularly when she was between the ages of 1 and 2. Egads! We're not there yet with Charlotte but all weekend when we were on vacation with my family she was held and we're sorting through all those heartbreaks today now that mommy has to get stuff done (like blogging-ha!) and she has to be put down. :(

KillerB said...

I really respect this:
"I love him more than words... and because I love him so much, Craig and I have GOT to wrap our arms around discipline. Its alot harder than I ever thought it would be."

I'm not a mom yet and can only imagine how difficult it must be to discipline your sweet little man, but I agree that enforcing the boundaries that you and Craig set up for Jackson IS an act of love for him.

Best of luck, Danielle. I can't wait to read about more of your adventures. From where I sit, you are an excellent mom!

The Austins said...

I am right with you. Elliot does the same things when he doesn't get his way. Even though he is number 3, it is still hard to really buckle down with the discipline process. They understand so much, but they are still your baby. I don't have any answers, but I certainly feel your pain.

The Breedings said...

Discipline is the best and hardest part of parenthood! The best thing for your child, but the hardest thing to consistently enforce sometimes! Today I raised my voice at Anna higher than I've ever done to sternly tell her No for being diliberately disobedient, she gave me a surprised look and then cracked up laughing! UGH!

The Heskew Happenings said...

Girl I know how you feel! Its heartbreaking to have to do it but so much better for them in the end! I love em every time I SWAT their hineys! :-) Good luck! Send him down here for some play time when you need a break!

Alena said...

I'm trying not to laugh because I know this will be me someday soon. :) You're doing a GREAT job!!! Love ya!

Steph M said...

Hang in there Danielle! You can do it! I was hard for me too when Lane entered that phase. It does get better the more you work with them, a lesson I learn and relearn on a daily basis. I laugh and tell Clint sometimes I feel like a sustitute teacher - it's like I start over from scratch everyday with the discipline. I'm glad today was a better day!!!