Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Livin in the "Country"

So Newcastle is pretty "countryish" but is growing quickly... and is VERY VERY close to the city and Norman. So its actually VERY different than Hot Springs. Where as in Hot Springs, if you needed ANYTHING (other than Walmart), you had to drive at least 30 minutes. In Newcastle, we also have a Walmart.. but we only have to drive 10 minutes to get anywhere... its nice.
They do this a couple of days a year... they make hay in the field behind us. It makes our allergies go crazy, but Jackson gets to see a bunch of tractors and big machinery things... so its interesting.But then we started getting these tiny beetle things..

They were EVERYWHERE. SUPER SICK. They were small and would come in waves up our driveway... we finally called a exterminator, the stuff I bought at Walmart just wasnt doing the trick. I wasnt sure if we had these sick little bugs because of the SUPER high grass that our neighbor refuses to cut.. or if it was because they made hay. The exterminator thinks it was because of the hay being made.But also in the country, we also get a pretty unobstructed view of these realllly beautiful sunsets!! So thankful for where God has us right now! (even with those sick bugs!)


coco said...

LOVE oklahoma sunsets! everyone dogs how flat it is but in hilly places, the sunsets are so not the same!

Jan said...

OK....We need to talk. They "bale" hay; not "make" it. lol It will certainly mess with your allergies. My first job was driving the hay truck. My dad propted a brick on the gas pedal, I sat on my knees and drove the truck up and down the turn rows. When I got older, I drove the tractor with the rake. I was never allowed to drive the hay baler. Sit on the back and let Jackson take it all in - advantage of not being completely "city"!!

Jude and Emily's Mom said...

I agree, there's NOTHING like an Oklahoma sunset!