Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fun Weekend for Mommy!

Saturday was a VERY busy day for me! I really dont think that I could have planned my schedule any more perfect. I was everywhere I needed to be with approximately 5 minutes to spare.First, Reese had her bridesmaids luncheon! Reese, Franna (Reese's mom), Claire, Sara, Laci, my mom and I had lunch at Gallardia and had a good time talking about the ceremony and all the changes that are fixing to take place in Ward and Reese's life! I cant wait for Reese to be my new sister in law!

We left Gallardia about 2, Ward, Reese, Franna, Mike and my mom and dad had a dance lesson that they had to get to. And I had my hair appointment that I have been looking forward to for quite some time now! I went back blonde! WAHOO!! I went dark when Jackson was born, with the thought process that it would be easier and cheaper.. which it WAS.. but after getting Jackson's birthday party pictures back, I just felt like there was nothing special about my hair, and I really didnt think the dark hair was "me". So, I am now a blonde again. YAY!
I got done at the hair place about 5 and had just enough time to go home, change clothes, brush my teeth, reapply a bit of makeup and get up the church at 530. I took 12 girls to the Kari Jobe/ Desperation Band concert.

One of my favorite friends, Julie, met us there! Our lives are so busy lately, we havent seen enough of eachother.. so her coming was a really special time! The concert was REALLY REALLY REALLY good... I had never heard of the Desperation Band, but as you all know, I have blogged before, I LOVE Kari Jobe. The concert was held at a pretty charasmatic (thanks Julie for the word) church. The people that go to the church, are definitely more "showy" in their worship, than we are used to the Baptist church.. but it led to some interesting conversations on the van ride home. Once our girls were able to move past the difference in worship styles, they were able to engage themselves in worship.

It was a GREAT night! Thanks hubby for being on baby duty all day, so that I could enjoy my busy Saturday!


Jennifer said...

Girl, you look great as a blonde! Congrats on the new color!! I didn't know Kari Jobe was in town - she is one of my favorite worship leaders. : )

Julie said...

It was a fun night!