Monday, May 24, 2010

15 Month Appointment and a Scary Moment

We had a BIT of a traumatic Monday morning.

Yesterday when my parents and Grandma were over for dinner, we were in Jacksons bedroom and he was in his crib, we were noticing he was lifting himself up with his arms on the crib. We knew it was officially time to lower the crib mattress for the final time. Well, Jackson went to bed before Craig got home from church, so we didnt lower it.

We woke up EARLY this morning, so he was ready for some quiet Jackson time early this morning. We had his doctors appointment right around the time that he wants to lay down for his morning nap, or at least his quiet Jackson time. So I put him in his crib with a couple of books and his seahorse playing. He had been in there for 30 minutes when I heard this LOUD THUD, followed by crying. I ran into his room.. he had flipped himself out of his bed and was laying on his back. SCARED ME TO DEATH. But he was fine. No bumps, no bruises. He only cried for a bit, I think it scared him more than hurt him.

Needless to say, when my dad stopped by on his Monday grandson visit..he lowered the mattress!!!!

We then went to the doctor, where we NEVER have to wait. But we did today. Waiting is not a huge deal when you are an adult, but when you have a baby with you.. you have a set amount of time where you will have a happy child.. they were pushing their limits.

We finally got back to see the nurse and doctor and got his measurements (my favorite part!). He is up to 20 lbs 13 oz (6%), and is 30 1/2 inches long (31%). Our baby boy is little. But she says it is fine. He hardly gained any weight since his 12 month appointment.. but she said that was normal since he is so active.

We are going to add some more iron fortified cereals to his diet, since he doesnt always love his meat. And going to add a multi vitamin. And going to pray that he is not going to start climbing his crib from the level his mattress is now... we arent quite ready to move to the big boy bed yet. :)


Steven said...

Soooo scary! Glad he is doing well!

Steven said...

opps....dan, this is Mindy, looks like I am somehow signed in as my brother!