Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fun Week for Jackson

May is such a busy time of the year. For Jackson, he finished his first year of "school". He LOVED school. LOVED it. He is so social, that just hanging out with mommy is not enough. Of course, he loved spending time with his best friend, Aubrey. But he also loved hanging out with Katelynn and Kaleigh. And then Jace and Elijah too! Kaleigh REALLY loved Jackson! :) And as much as I enjoyed being a teacher this first year, I have decided that I am not going to teach next year. First of all, I really believe that working with children is a calling.. and I really do not have that calling. I really wanted it to work, because it is SO ideal to work where Jackson is. But, instead I am going to focus on working for my brother in law, and let Jackson go and play with his friends a couple days a week.
Secondly, when situations like a little boy throwing Jackson's sippy cup AT HIS FACE happen, it will be better that I am NOT there. :)

Jackson has ALOT of fans at church, the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade boys LOVE him. They will be playing baseball or football out on the church lawn, and as soon as they see him, they stop what they are doing, yell his name, wave or come over to give him a hug. It is really cute. Well, the 5th graders had a project that had to do with babies (I am not really sure why 5th graders are doing a project dealing with babies.. but they are). One of the moms came up to me at church and told me that her son had named his baby for the project, "Jackson Smith". TOO CUTE!Jackson is a BIG fan of his Uncle Ward. We went over to my parents to celebrate my brothers birthday, and Jackson just could not even get enough. He also loves to "talk on the phone" or in this picture, a clock.. sometimes a remote, really whatever looks like a phone.. he will "talk" on it.
Jackson also got SUPER excited for Ward's strawberry birthday cake!
And only Uncle Ward could feed it to him! He loved licking the spoon!

What a fun week for Jackson!