Thursday, April 15, 2010


As you may or may not remember, I put a sippy cup that had NEVER leaked before in my purse to go to a friends birthday party. And the one time it did decide to leak was when it was in my purse, therefore ruining my camera. So, I have not had a camera to take pictures of my most awesome little baby boy. Who is changing dramatically every day. But, I will post the updates in list form.

1. Jackson is walking so well! He started a week and two days ago and he has got it DOWN. I will take a video soon. He is still so proud.

2. My baby has never really been super snuggly. I think it started out as our fault, we were so afraid of him becoming dependant on us to fall asleep, we didnt rock him, we would just swaddle him and start his seahorse. So really, our only snuggle time came when we fed him a bottle. Well, all of a sudden, he has become VERY loving. Even if its just for a short time. He loves to wrap one arm around our neck and the other arm around our arm. It is the best hug ever. And he loves to kiss, although the kiss often times will turn into a bite, which we have got to work on. The kiss is cute. The bite not so much.

3. He LOVES to play with balls. His favorite is the basketball. He says basketball ALL. THE. TIME. And if he isnt saying basketball, he is saying ball. He has several basketballs in every room of the house and he always wants them near him. Craig took him to a baseball game and a soccer game last week, he could care less about the baseball game, but LOVED the soccer game. I was at Target and found a set of three, a football, soccer ball and basketball at the one spot. I bought it for him. Now, anytime he is in his car seat, he has his football on one side and his soccer ball on the other. He just rests his hands on them. It is TOO cute.

4. We had another housing setback yesterday. But I am learning how to recover quickly. Although I was mad, and had a major talk to God about it.. between the hours of 5 pm and 10pm, I took 3 baths and laid in bed and watched TV.. I felt better. :)

5. Tuesday morning was a sad morning, one of my good friends from high school and her mom had to make the decision to take the ventilator off of her dad. My heart is breaking for them. Tonight, my high school friends brought Hideaway Pizza over and we were able to just hang out. It was really good!!! Alyssa is really strong. She was planning on competing in the Mrs. Oklahoma pagaent on Saturday to get the word out about the CF Foundation (her daughter has cystic fibrosis). She is still competing, and we can not wait to go and support her. She showed us all of her outfits.. she is for sure going to win. :)

6. Tuesday night was an exciting night, I finally got to talk to one of my friends from growing up, Jamie Day.. she got engaged to a wonderful guy she met in Africa. That just made my day!

7. When Jackson and I were driving to my mom's today, we were passing the neighborhood right next to my parents.. I saw this cop by the brick entrance with his RIFLE drawn.. so of course, I slowed down and looked into the neighborhood, there were like 8 cop cars, all of the cops had their RIFLES drawn! CRAZY.. my parents do not live in a bad area.. so Jackson and I were perplexed. Well, after we were leaving Alyssa's, Boulevard between Danforth and Covell (the major road near my parents house) was shut down by COPS who were searching for some woman loose with a gun!??!?! What in the world. No word if these two incidents were related.

8. One of our close family friends from Louisiana started doing facebook, she posted this picture of my brother and I (do not make fun of my hair!) in her family album... first of all, I was shocked to see it.. it made me laugh. And secondly, when I first glanced at it, I saw Jackson in my brother!!!!!
What do you think?!?! I think I may be encouraged that there MIGHT be alittle of my family in Jackson. :)


danielle said...

the incidents WERE related in case you were on the edge of your seat wondering!:

A woman threatening suicide during a three-hour standoff submitted to Edmond authorities about 10 this evening, an officer said.

The woman, whose identity was not released, was on railroad tracks near Covell Road and N Broadway and had pointed a gun at her own chest, officer James Hamm said.

She will be taken to a hospital for evaluation.

Authorities began negotiating with her about 7 p.m., he said.

The area was shut down to both vehicle and railroad traffic.

It started about 1 p.m. today when police received a call about a burglary at 1708 Parkview. A woman broke into the residence of a person she formerly had a relationship with, Hamm said.

The woman stole a gun from the residence and made statements that she was going to harm herself, police said.

An expansive search was under way in north Edmond until the woman was finally located at the railroad tracks, Hamm said.

Read more:

KillerB said...

Yikes, how scary.

(And yes, I DO see some of Jackson in your brother's face!)

Dara Steward said...

I have always said Jackson looks like you!!!

Julie said...

when i saw that picture on facebook, my first thought was that ward looked just like jackson. how fun!

i can't believe how much he is changing! i need to see this walking & talking boy!

reeseann said...

ugh, little ward was SO ADORABLE!!! haha (and he still is), but seriously, I can't really contain myself when I see pictures of him as a little boy, I squeal EVERY TIME haha. And I think I might see a little bit of Jackson in him. Especially his cheeks! (this was an interesting post, you've had a TON happen this week haha. love you)

Kara Scharrer said...

Ha! I can't believe that was you guys! Wow! I'm so mad that I didn't say something to you. We were in Edmond visiting my in-laws. My husband's family live all over OKC and Edmond. Maybe I'll run into you again when when down south for another visit! :)