Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 19th

April 19, 1995. 15 years. Seems like yesterday. I remember sitting in 2nd hour vocal music when our whole room shook and we heard a loud noise. Our teacher was alittle on the larger side and acted like she had passed gas. We laughed. Not long after, her phone rang in her office. It was her son. A building had been bombed in downtown OKC. Being the mature 8th graders that we were, we assumed it was not a big deal. By the time we got to 3rd hour, Honors English.. we knew it was something serious. Our teacher had drawn a picture of what happened to the building on the chalk board. An announcement was made that we were not allowed to listen to any radio or watch TV. Students were calling their parents left and right, to make sure they were ok. Many couldnt get through because of the lines were full. Parents were checking out their children. I skipped track that day (yes, I "ran" track.. dont make fun), and went home. I could not even believe the pictures on TV. Later that afternoon, I got a phone call, I definitely did not want to get. One of my friends dads was one of the missing. Words can not describe the pain that I felt, and still feel for my friend today. 15 years. I'll never forget.

April 19, 2008I married my best friend.

April 19th a day I will never forget.


mgoff said...

Happy anniversary! LOVE this picture of you two! I don't think I have ever seen it!