Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy 2nd Anniversary

Two years ago (on the 19th), I married my best friend.

Year two was hard. Craig and I were both under such stress all year long. Thankfully we are done with that stress. I tell you what, I did fall even more in love with my husband through this tough year. I was HARD on him throughout the year. Unfortunately when I couldnt take my stress out on anyone else, I would take it out on him. Craig was so patient and loving throughout this year. I am one LUCKY girl!! God has blessed me in so many ways, and one of his greatest blessings in my life, is my husband.

Since our anniversary fell on Monday, Craig and I were able to go out Friday night. My parents watched Jackson for us. We went to Cheevers in Oklahoma City. I can not even believe that was our first time to go there.. it was delicious!!!! And then we just went home and relaxed and slept. I mean, SLEPT. I was asleep by 10pm, and we did not wake up till 11 am! I am not even kidding. It was by far the most sleep either one of us have had since we had Jackson.

It was SUCH a wonderful night. We just enjoyed eachother's company. This was our first date that we have had since we havent had the HUGE weight sitting on our shoulders. It is CRAZY what stress does to you.. it affects every area of your life. So to say that we enjoyed this date is an understatement.

Happy Anniversary Craig. I love you! Looking forward to year number 3!!!


Leslie said...

LOVE Cheevers! Great choice for an anniversary dinner!

KillerB said...

Happy anniversary! I love that wedding picture-- how adorable are you throwing your hands in the air while wearing that gorgeous gown!

Erin said...

Love that first pic! So sweet. Happy two years!