Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Well my friends, I was planning on doing a Tasty Tuesday, because we had so many yummy recipes on Easter, that I wanted to share. But Jackson decided I needed to write a different blog. I havent been consistent with Tasty Tuesdays in a while, and they have been known to show up on other days of the week. So instead, I wanted to share that my baby boy decided to WALK today!!!!!

I am SO excited. I know that everyone says I better get ready. And that my life is not going to be the same again. But that is how every stage of motherhood has been. So I am ready. :) And he is ready. All of his friends are walking (minus Aubrey).. so it will make it easier for him to play with them.

So.. here's what happened. We are at school this morning, just me and him. And we were playing catch with the ball. Alot of time he will throw the ball and then he wants to go and get it, bring it back to me, give me a hug, sit in my lap and throw it again. So he does this a couple of times. But then he throws it, stands up and WALKS like 5 steps to pick up the ball. I started to cry, I was so happy for him. Of course I started to clap, so he clapped for himself too.

Then later on in the day, he was looking at himself in the mirror, which is on the tile in our room. And he turned around and walked all the way to the carpet.. it was like 15 steps. By the time he got to the carpet, we distracted him because we were so excited. He sat down and clapped for himself some more.

Then, when we went to staff meeting after school, he walked from me to another teacher (probably 4 or 5 steps). And then, during the meeting when he didnt think we were looking (but we were).. he walked from the door to the carpet (again a good 12 to 15 steps).

I am SOOO proud of him. He is growing up!!!! Guess we need to go to Stride Rite and get him some good shoes. :)


KillerB said...

Congratulations, Jackson! What a little man!

PS-- Danielle, I LOVE the little sweater vest you had him in on Easter. Very dapper!

reeseann said...

oh please go get him some of those squeeky shoes, i think they are hilarious!! so excited for yall :)

Pascha said...

HA! that is the first thing I did when Gabe started walking was go to stride rite and get him fitted and got him some fun shoes :)

SO glad that he is walking!

Sara said...

Hooray!! How exciting!

Alena said...

Yea Jackson!! We need to see some video proof though. :)