Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

Jackson had a GREAT Easter! When he woke up on Easter morning, he got to play with Honey and Papa, which is always WAY more fun than just Craig and I. Then we all went to church, which was FANTASTIC. Jackson did cry when we dropped him off at the nursery, which NEVER happens. I think its because Honey and Papa were with us. It was pretty sad, but then when he realized that his friend Aubrey was there, he was just fine. :)After church, Honey, Papa, Ward and Reese came over for lunch. I made my first brisket.. it was DELICIOUS!

The Easter Bunny came to see Jackson too! He used the Easter basket that I ordered Jackson. I had no idea it would be so HUGE! (In fairness, PB does give you the measurements.. I just didnt think about it). Anyway, it is HUGE, there is no way that he can ever hunt with it. So, I talked with the Easter Bunny, and he decided it would be a perfect place to put all of his Easter goodies. This year, was a water theme. He got a water ball, and a blow up pool, a towel and a bathing suit!
Honey and Papa brought Craig and I an Easter gift too! A TREE! I never realized how jealous I would be of other people's trees, until we had NONE and NONE even near us. So it was quite the PERFECT gift. It is a pin oak, which is evidently a shade tree that grows quickly in Oklahoma. We decided that we would take Jackson's picture by the tree, so we can see how quickly they both grow. :) Needless to say, he is NOT a fan of the grass.

What a great weekend.. just wish it was a bit longer.


mgoff said...

Looks like you had a wonderful easter! (and that IS one big basket, hilarious!)

Erin said...

Huge basket!! He is such a cutie. Happy Easter!

Julie said...

Easter has been wonderful hasn't it!! We have had a great weekend in God's house!

Your family looks very nice! Jackson melts our hearts!

The Ames Album said...

He has the cutest grin! Absolutely adorable! Miss you!