Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Update on the House, Dishwasher, and my Toe.


Dont you love when I start blogs like that. I dont.

House: Soooo... remember when I told you that the buyer's lender didnt know that we werent coming to closing, so they werent planning on having the paperwork complete till WEDNESDAY (the closing date!)... well because of their awesome work ethic and planning ahead they didnt look over the paper work to notice that the appraisal was not completed as it should have been. SO yesterday.. the day before we were supposed to close, they had to contact the appraiser who swore she completed the paperwork correctly... needless to say it took a while for her to put her pride to the side and complete the paperwork the way she was supposed to. SO.. there was the hope that we would still be able to close on time. Well.. Bank of America failed to deliver. Surprising, I know. All day long.. and I mean.. all day long.. my mom and I were told that "we are still planning on closing today". This wouldnt be a big deal, except we just had to sit around and wait. We were at their beckon call. I couldnt date anything until we knew for sure that we were closing.. and then we had to get a notary to notify approximately 80,000 papers. At 4:30 pm, I got the call that we were not closing today and that there was no promises we were closing tomorrow morning either. Awesome. SOOOO Jackson and I are taking a little house break tonight and will start the waiting game tomorrow morning. A fun way to spend Spring Break, wouldnt you say? (Now with all that complaining out of the way.. this will all be worth it when we dont own the house anymore.. but right now I am ticked.)

Dishwasher: It still has standing water in the bottom. And it makes my heart beat fast when I look at it. So therefore, I will not look at it anymore.. I will just wait until my husband gets home.

Toe: I think I need to clarify my toe story. The toothpick STABBED the skin imbetween my big toe and my second toe. And then it just stuck out there like a sixth toe. It hurt. And I did not faint. And it is currently fine. But my friend Dara, posted a comment on my last blog that made me smile. And even laugh. And I needed that laugh today. She said that the wierdest things happen to me. Which is true. And she reminded me about when I had a bird in my parents house. I reread the story and it made me laugh. And since this post is mostly of me complaining (I am sorry!), I thought I would add something to make everyone smile. Enjoy.

This is a true story.

As you all know, Craig and I are STILL waiting for our house to sell in Hot Springs. My parents have very graciously opened their home to us. My parents decided that their lives are fixing to get very busy with the addition of their first grandson, so they decided to take a cruise. So while they are cruising the Mexican Rivera or something like that, Craig and I have the house all to ourselves. Well with the addition of Raley.

Today, while I was waiting for my husband to get home from work, Raley was wanting play outside in the backyard. This was approximately the third time I had let him out in around ten minutes, the weather wasnt horribly cold, so I decided to leave the back door open so he could go in and out, and I wouldnt have to keep letting him in and out. (I have done this before, and my mom wasnt too happy about it, because it has let flies in, etc.). I should have learned.

Well, I am sitting on the couch, watching the news. And I look over towards the hallway by the backdoor that I have left open.. and in hops a little bird. I think to myself, "OH my word, that is a bird in the house, I wonder how I am supposed to get him to leave" So I slowly move towards him, I guess hoping to show him the back door. He flies into the kitchen. I freak out. I start yelling for Raley, I am not sure why. I guess I did not want him to go after the bird. But Raley was outside, so I dont know. By the time Raley gets inside, I have a fly swatter that I am hitting madly against the wall and table, really anywhere, trying to get the bird to leave. Instead, the bird keeps flying against the kitchen window trying to get out. Raley is in the living room crying, he couldnt figure out what in the world I was doing. I apologized and told him I was trying to get the bird to leave. The bird would not leave the kitchen. So I started "tweeting" and telling the bird to come to the door. I would use the fly swatter to hit the wall next to the door. Instead of flying out of the door, he flew into the living room. I tried to call my husband. He did not answer. I called my brother. He laughed and told me that it was going to be really hard to get the bird. He suggested I go to the garage to get a fishing net to try and trap the bird. By this time, the bird has fallen behind the blinds on the living room windows. He was trying feverishly to get out of the white blinds. I figured I was safe that he wasnt getting out of the blinds, so I went and got the net. I slowly lifted the blinds, my hands were shaking. I trapped the bird with the net.. BUT he escaped through a hole. I screamed a bit more. I have NO idea where Raley is at this point. By this time, I am on the phone with my husband. He kept asking how the bird got in the house. He asked if I had left the door open. I told him that I hadnt, that the bird just walked in when I opened the door to let Raley out. (That story was not very believable). Craig told me to get a blanket and try and trap him and let him free outside. Well, bad news, the bird was sitting on the brick fireplace at the ceiling. So I went back to tweeting to try and get him to come down. That stupid bird sat up there for like 15 minutes. I just stood there and tweeted and tried to talk him down. When I least expected it, he flew into the kitchen. It freaked me out. I screamed. I really did not want him to go to the back of the house, I figured it would be even harder to get him out. But him being in the kitchen ended up being a wonderful thing. From the ledge in the kitchen where he landed, he could see the open back door and he escaped. I think. I didnt actually see him fly out the door, but I saw him fly towards the open door,and I have not seen him since. So I hope he escaped.

My brother and husband really got a kick out of my very scary, tense situation. :)