Thursday, March 18, 2010

Good Bye Hot Springs

Craig and I loved our first home together. It eventually became a thorn in our side. We worked so hard on it... painting every surface, and making it ours. Even though the past year and a half with this house on the market has been some of the most stressful times, it will always be special to us (the house, not the stress).

We officially closed on this house today. What a blessing. I will probably write more about this experience and what I have learned the past year and a half.. but after the past couple of days and the emotional roller coaster it has been, I dont think it would be very smart for me to write anything. My mom has already said "DO NOT WRITE THAT ON YOUR BLOG". So I am obeying. I will write more when I am more positive. :)


Leslie said...

Woohooo! What a relief! At some point you really should write about this whole experience. Home-ownership is uncharted territory for so many couples (myself included) and I know a lot of us could learn from your experience! Once the dust has settled a bit, pass along some wisdom!