Thursday, February 25, 2010

Alittle from Jackson's Birthday Party

Our fabulous photographer, Esther, has sent me a few "sneak peaks" of the pictures she took! I thought I would share!!Jackson's cake! It turned out really cute, I thought. :) I ordered his invitations from Etsy.. the girl I ordered them from, took the wording off for me, and Sams made this cake for us. The price was definitely RIGHT for feeding so many people. Plus it was yummy. The small cake behind it was Jackson's smash cake. And behind that was his super cute crown that my friend Amy found at The Market in OKC. Let me tell you.. they have TONS of cute stuff for baby girls.. its a bit tough to find stuff for baby boys. But Amy somehow spotted that super cute crown!

This is Jackson's smash cake. It turned out perfect for what he was going to do with it. We ordered it from Walmart.. again the right price for what we were going to do with it. However, when Craig went to go to order the cake, there was some lapse of communication between him and the lady taking the order, so this is what we got...I am sorry, my one year old SON will not be looking back at his pictures from his first birthday party and see that his parents got him a cake with a PINK rainbow on it. Are you kidding me? Craig told them to put Happy Birthday Jackson on the cake.. which evidently they knew they were supposed to do because they put "Jackson" on it. But really.. a pink rainbow. So, after a long conversation with the store manager, I reminded them that they have extra chocolate icing in their bakery, and they are very capable of scraping that pink rainbow off and putting more chocolate icing on and writing "Happy Birthday Jackson". So they did. :)
Jackson LOVED his cake. LOVED could possibly even be an understatement. Craig and I dont give Jackson a lot of sugar because he is our child, so we are not worried that he is not going to like it. Of course, we have family members who share their sugar, which Jackson LOVES, and we dont mind. :) So baby boy took a couple of little bites and looked at Craig and I to see if we were going to stop him, and when we didnt.. he went CRAZY. It was too cute! He had it everwhere, in his ears, eyes, back of his hair, everwhere!After giving him a mini bath in our youth kitchen's sink.. we had a naked happy little baby boy!


HG said...

What a CUTE cake and crown!! I'm so sad I missed it!!!!!! I LOL'd about the smash cake. I'm glad they fixed it! Avery's first b-day cake was supposed to be pastel polka-dots, but we ended up with a dark purple and hot pink mess! Good thing it tasted good! :)

You should send the rainbow picture to cake wrecks! hehe

KH said...

He is SO cute! Thanks sharing!

mgoff said...

These pictures turned out so good! So glad you hired someone to take pictures! Can't wait to see the rest!