Saturday, February 27, 2010

Jackson's One Year Doctor Appointment

On Monday, Mom and I took Jackson to his one year old well visit. Craig was at a Super Summer retreat, so he could not go with me. I was really glad that Mom went with me.. it just makes things SO much easier.

It was a good visit! Jackson is a growing boy! He weighs 19 pounds (5th percentile). He is 29 1/2 inches long (42%), and his head is in the 69%. The doctor says Jackson is just on his own little growth chart.

We did get a couple of lectures. The doctor asked me how much formula he was drinking. I told her, and she asked if it was all from a bottle.. which it was. She told me he absolutely did NOT need to be drinking from the bottle anymore. I was prepared for this. But as we were talking about weaning him from the bottle, he was getting pretty moody, and my Mom was holding him. So she started feeding him a bottle.. as the doctor was telling me NOT to feed him a bottle. It was really funny. She said, "not only does he still drink from a bottle, YOU feed him the bottle". I had to admit, that he has NEVER held his own bottle. Ever. He is completely capable, but he has no desire.

Then we talked about whether or not he is sleeping through the night. Which he is not. Depending on the night, he will wake up and throw his paci (s) out of his bed and scream until we come in and give him a hug and give him his paci. And then he will lay back down and fall asleep. It is really a pretty short process, but if it happens five times a night (which is does sometimes), it can be quite a long night. Needless to say, we are not allowed to do that anymore.

We also would feed him a bottle at 5 am every morning. And then he would go back to sleep, and sleep till 730 or 8. Well, since he is not allowed to drink from a bottle, he is not allowed to have a 5 am feeding. "He is not a baby anymore, Danielle.. he is a toddler. He eats when you eat. If you are ready to be awake at 5 am and feed him breakfast, that is ok" No thank you. No 5 am feedings.

So how are we doing now. We were doing really well with the bottle. But, we had to go to Hot Springs because one of Craig's former student's passed away in a single car accident, so we let Jackson have bottles. We also didnt really focus on the not giving him his paci after he threw it out, because we knew we wouldnt let him cry it out at our friends house in Hot Springs. So we didnt figure we should have completely sleepless nights for a couple of days, just to ruin it and have to start back over. So we will have to start that soon.. maybe tonight.

We sure love our baby boy! And cant believe how big he is getting!!!


Julie said...

that is crazy to think about him being a toddler! :) he is growing so fast!

Kinsey said...

He sounds exactly like Davie at 12 months. She wouldn't hold her own bottle, and she wouldn't even look at a sippy cup. She also went through the losing the paci thing also. Try not to worry about it TOO much.