Thursday, January 14, 2010


I have no picture to go along with this post. Which is very unlike me, I know.

We are getting back into the routine of working, etc. I am sticking to my New Years Resolution of learning to say "no" and we have had several nights at home. It is wonderful!

Jackson is cutting four more teeth right now, two on top and two on bottom. He is going to have a mouth full of teeth before I know it. Ever since he was sick over Christmas, he has had zero interest in baby food. He only wants food that he can feed himself. This is GREAT, but I have had to get creative.. I am just not sure what all he can eat. He has loved turkey lunch meat, fish sticks, peas, corn, fruits, rice krispies and the gerber puffs and yogurt melt aways. He also had a nutrigrain bar today and loved it. He does NOT like bananas, mac and cheese, and cheese slices. He is extremely dramatic when he doesnt like food. Gagging, etc.

He has also started babbling a WHOLE lot. He has always been vocal, and interested in watching our mouths and the way we say things. But he has normally stuck with one "word" over and over again. Like he would always say "ma ma ma ma ma". Most recently, everything was "ba ba ba ba ba". Which was great, some people would hear him say "ba" and they would be like" good boy.. ball" yea.. he totally wasnt saying ball.. but whatever. :) But just this week, we say alot of "words" "ba pa ma" etc. It is cute!

I think he could be walking before I know it. He still uses objects to pull himself up, but he has started removing his hands and just standing in place. Not for a super long time, but still balancing himself.

Mom came and stayed with Jackson on Monday night, because Craig had a staff retreat, so the spouses got to go down to have dinner and then we all stayed at a bed and breakfast in norman. It was a lot of fun! Unfortunately, mom didnt have a good nights sleep. :( But she brought Raley, and Jackson was extremely aware of Raley. Probably more so than ever. Jackson even said "pup pup". I think we will have to bring Raley home with us after my moms birthday celebration tomorrow night!!

As far as the house is concerned, we still have no news. I have good days and bad days. I get easily easily annoyed when it comes to the house. I get annoyed talking about it. I get annoyed just thinking about it. It kinda makes my heart beat fast (in not the good way). I am just ready for this nightmare to be over. And I know Craig is too.. poor guy, I will be fine and happy one minute, then someone will say something about the silly house in Hot Springs and I am in a bad mood again.

It was also brought to my attention this week, how many babies are born at hospitals, where their birth moms NEVER come back to see them. It breaks my heart. But, in this one situation it will turn out for the good.. my friends Julie and Bryan can give a sweet little baby, a loving Godly home. YAY!

Another answer to prayer.. I have asked many of you to pray for my friend Jeannie, and her baby Brady. Well after two bone marrow transplants and chemotherapy, Brady has T-cells and is at home! Although living in isolation, he is at home with his family!! Thank you Jesus for answered prayers!

Ok, this was a random post... but I think it catches us up. :)


Erin said...

Thanks for giving us an update! Sounds like you guys have been busy. So glad to hear about your friends, and keep us posted on the house situation!

alyssa said...

I love update posts like these! You're right, I bet Jackson will be walking in no time! What a fun age. Can't wait for Monday night!