Saturday, December 5, 2009

December. Oh. So. Busy.

Welcome December. It has finally gotten cold. In fact, we had to finally turn our heater on December 1st. I decided I couldnt stretch it out any further. Sadness. I love those months when you dont use the heat or air.

Is Jackson just to the cutest? This was taken after we got home from school last week. He evidently turned his hat around during the car ride.. but I just love how he smiles even though he only had one eye to see. :)

An update on the non swaddling. It has been GREAT. He is such a big boy. Even the first night wasnt bad. He is sleeping through the night. When we first lay him down at night, he cries a little bit. And throws his paci out of the crib. The cute slats on his crib before, are not so cute now. But he really has adjusted so much better than I thought he would. He even spent the night at his Honey and Papa's last night and did well for them!!! YAY!!!

December is such a busy month for us. I get exhausted just thinking about. But I am really looking forward to everything that is on our plate.

Friday night, we had the Young Adult Sunday School class' Christmas party. What a blessing it is, to be in a church with such fun fun fun people!!! Craig and I enjoyed the party last year, but really enjoyed it this year!!

I mentioned Jackson stayed with mom and dad last night, which was so nice. Because Craig and I ended up baking cookies and preparing my sister in law's birthday dinner until about 2 am.

This morning we had another class' Christmas party. It was a completely different group of people, but just as much fun. They had Johnny Carinos cater a bunch, we had a cookie exchange and then played Bunco. It was so much fun. They gave awards for cookies, and the way they were displayed. I did not make a cookie that I had ever made before, and I really didnt know how they would taste, but I wanted them to look cute.
Mint Brownie Wreath
Peppermint Cookies.

The Mint Brownie wreath won something. I am not sure what it was.. but I sure was glad we won something. The peppermint cookies were especially time consuming. Not the actual baking of the cookies, but the packaging took FOREVER.

Tonight, we celebrated my fabulous sister in law's birthday! We had such a great time. Jackson, again, loved hanging out with his Uncle Kurt. He laughs so hard when he is with him. I tried two new recipes, both of which turned out great. Pioneer Womans, White Chicken Enchiladas and Bakerellas Chocolate Chip Pie. Yum.

Looking forward to a somewhat more relaxing Sunday!


alyssa said...

What a creative idea with the cookies! They turned out so cute!

Julie said...

The cookies look yummy! I made an Andes Mint cookie on Saturday and I thought they were great, tasted like Christmas!

You are going to be tired of Mexican after tonight, but I need to get that chicken ench. recipe.