Monday, December 7, 2009

Baby Food

My friend, Pascha, let me borrow this cookbook when Jackson started eating baby food. I LOVE it. LOVE it. Jackson has eaten so well ever since he could start eating. He has eaten things that I have never bought at a grocery store before (lentils, leeks and parsnips). He has loved everything. EVERYTHING.
But bananas. Jackson does not do bananas. I tried them early on, and he spit them out. I was guessing it was a texture issue. Well, I decided to try again last night. He is very expressive with his face, so he was clearly disgusted with the first bite of banana. But he tried it again. And then, he gagged so much, that he threw up. Poor baby. We wont be trying bananas again soon.


erinkern said...

Too bad on the bananas. But he likes parsnips!?! He must have a sophisticated palette! ;)