Saturday, December 26, 2009

Blizzard 09

Remember this picture from my last post? This is our backyard during the Blizzard of 09. A historic day in Oklahoma, as everyone on the news is saying. They are saying its a storm that our kids will be telling their kids... I am not sure that Jackson will be telling his children about it... but hey, thats what this blog is for right? Documenting so he can remember. :) Well after hours and hours and hours of snow and blowing snow....We had HUGE drifts everywhere! Because we live in the middle of a field, with no tree in sight (not really.. but kind of), the snow didnt just fall, it blew everywhere. We still cant figure out why there are drifts where there are drifts... The top picture is a drift that goes all along our front yard, and all the way across my driveway, meaning there was NO way that my parents could get their car out of the garage to go back to Edmond. Sooooo...
The shoveling began! It is a HUGE job! Craig and my dad worked hard for 2 hours before Christmas lunch, and then Craig worked for another hour after my dad left! The drift is not completely off the driveway, but at least we can get one car in and out of the garage. Now, we are going to let the sun do its work.
And of course, we had to document this historic event in Oklahoma and this historic event in Jackson's life with pictures! How happy does he look!! I love him.