Friday, December 25, 2009

Jacksons First Christmas!

Jackson's first Christmas was planned out. It was going to be perfect. We were supposed to see my college friends on Tuesday for our kids to have a gift exchange. We were supposed to go over to Kurt and Amy's for breakfast on Christmas Eve morning and then we were supposed to have my parents, my brother and his fiance and Craig's mom over on Christmas Eve to go to church with us and then have dinner at our house. My parents were going to spend the night and then we were going to celebrate Christmas day with them at our house, and then Craig's family was going to come to our house Christmas night to celebrate and have dinner.

Well, the week started out as planned. Kinda. Stacy came in town with her three precious girls. All of our kids had drawn names, and they were going to have a gift exchange. We were supposed to go over to Mindy and Daisy's house, but Monday Mindy came down with the horrible stomach bug that is going around. So we went over to Dara's for our little get together, which was great. But it was super sad not having Mindy and Daisy there. But Jackson sure loved playing with Maddie, Elle, Lola and Evan. Cant wait for even more babies to join us!!

On Wednesday, we had an awesome day! We did not leave the house... I made baby food, did laundry, did alittle cleaning, and alot of relaxing. My parents ended up coming over since the weather men were saying we were going to get bad weather. We didnt want to risk them missing Jacksons first Christmas. But we also realized that normally if the weathermen say there is a 70% chance of winter weather, that there will be NO winter weather. At least in Oklahoma.

My parents wanted Jackson to open one of their presents when they got there, so that he would have a new toy to play with.

He got this really great basketball goal. It also has a baseball and football game on it too! Perfect for my little athlete!! He absolutely LOVES the basketballs, the scoreboard and the fact that the crowd cheers for him when he makes baskets!!

At this point, we were really thinking that the weathermen in Oklahoma had missed it. They had thought it was supposed to rain, even thunderstorm all on Wednesday. Nothing. It wasnt sunny, but not a drop of rain.

Well, we woke up Thursday morning to the sound of ROARING wind, and the sound of rain. Which quickly turned to sleet, which quickly turned to...No, that is not a black and white photo. That is the massive amount of snow that was falling and being blown around EVERYWHERE for HOURS. They called it a blizzard. I believe it. Needless to say... EVERY and I mean EVERY plan for Christmas Eve was canceled or postponed. Now, for a person, who likes to have a plan and stick with it... this was hard to swallow. After I had a good cry, and took a nap, I realized that there was absolutely NOTHING that anyone could do to control this weather. So, I needed to settle down. And I did.

We had a perfectly relaxing day.
Jackson opened another present from some of our family in Baton Rouge, it was a crazy ball popper.. which truely fascinates him!!!

We opened our matching Christmas pajamas! We stayed super cozy. For some reason, the boys didnt want to take their pictures in their matching pjs! Hmmm.

We ate yummy potato soup and salad for dinner.

And took pictures of Jackson in front of the Christmas tree!

After we put Jackson to bed, we all played Phase 10! We had alot of fun!!
Santa came to see Jackson!!!! (The chair is from his Mama Judy, but we asked Santa if we could put it with his gifts).

He had so much fun playing with his toys from Santa and getting everything out of his stocking!

We took a break from opening presents to eat breakfast, and Jackson got super sick. He has been dealing with a stomach bug since Christmas Eve Eve. Its the first time that he has actually thrown up, not just spit up. And it makes me so sad for him. He is such a sweet boy, and has tried so very hard to feel well. We did alot of wash, because I wanted him to wear his cute comfy Christmasy clothes. You can tell he doesnt feel that great here! But we had a great day, overall! We had a yummy yummy lunch with my parents, and then they braved the roads and headed home. They counted over 180 stranded cars on the way from Newcastle to Edmond. Crazy!

We will celebrate with Ward and Reese tomorrow and the Smiths on Sunday. So although our Chirstmas did not go according to plan.. it has been PERFECT.


Julie said...

Looks like such a fun day!

erinkern said...

Even though it didn't go as planned, it sure looked fun and cozy!