Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

What a GREAT time of the year!

I have so much to be thankful for!!!

*My husband: He is absolutely perfect for me! He is so patient and laid back. It is a perfect balance to my impatient, high strung personality. He is the funniest person that I know. And although, I am partial, I think you might agree. He is FUNNY. He loves Jesus more than he loves me, and serves Him with his whole life. He even gets paid to serve Jesus! :) And he is really really good at it! He is SUCH a good dad. He loves Jackson, and is very involved. He gives me "mommy breaks" often. I love him so much.

* My baby boy: Really, I can not even put into words, how my life has changed with Jackson in it. He is such a JOY. There is nothing like watching him change and grow. I know that everyone thinks their baby is the best and most precious. But really, mine is. I love him so much.

* My parents: They are SO great! Mom is my best friend, I talk to her several times through out the day. I love that we live closer to them now! They are wonderful grandparents to Jackson! And so supportive of Craig and I. They are the best!

* Ward and Reese: Such a perfect couple. Craig and I have such a good time when we get the opportunity to spend time with them! My brother and I have always been close, and we could not have chosen a more perfect bride for him! We are thankful that Reese is going to be a permanent part of our family! Jackson is glad he can have an official "Aunt Reese"

*My brother and sister in law: Amy has become one of my closest friends, and Kurt is such an important part in Craig's life. Not only are they family, they are great friends! They are such an important part in Jackson's life.

*Family in Louisiana and Texas: Although we dont get to see everyone that often, I am sure thankful that we have the most wonderfully supportive, loving family!

* Friends: This seems vague (I know.) But you know who you are! :) I have such special friends from growing up at First Baptist Edmond. It is so neat to think back to our youth days, then going to OBU together (many of us), and we are still friends! I loved my experience at OBU, and it is due to all the special friendships that I made there. We are all over (well, really Oklahoma, Missouri and Tennessee), but with that distance, we dont get to see eachother ALL the time. But when we do, it seems like we are still at West U. Its so neat! And then back to the good ole Edmond North days.. I sure didnt LOVE high school, but I sure do LOVE my high school friends. We are all alot different than we were in high school, but our friendships havent changed. I love it. I really cant put into words how thankful I am for you girls!

*Our church family: When God called Craig and I to FBC Newcastle, we knew that it was an extremely clear call. And we were very eager to come. We knew we were impressed with the committee who we met with. We knew that we liked the pastor. We knew that the youth that we met, we had a connection with. What we didnt know what the tremendous heart of the church. We didnt know that we would meet the most wonderful couples our age, that would become such dear friends. We didnt know how genuine and giving and selfless the people in our church would be. I could not be happier that Jackson is going to grow up in FBC Newcastle. So so thankful.

*Our House(s): It is easy to be thankful for our beautiful home in Newcastle. It is perfect! Not only new and pretty.. its the perfect layout for our life style! We LOVE it. It is a little bit more difficult to be thankful for our house in Hot Springs. But, I am choosing to be thankful for that home too. I know that God has this house in His plan, and I am thankful that I get to be a part of this plan. And really thankful to be a part of the revealing of this plan.

* My jobs: I ultimately get to be a mom. Which is my dream. But I also have the opportunity to spend time with other babies twice a week. And although some days it is more challenging than others, it is a blessing. I am thankful that I get to work with such wonderful women!! And my newest job, getting to work for my brother in law, helping out in his office. I am so thankful for this bit of time where I get to be an adult with no babies. It is such a nice break. Not to mention, I get to spend more time with my family!

*My relationship with Christ: Its everything. Its the foundation that Craig and I's relationship is built. It is the foundation that we are going to raise Jackson on. I am so thankful that I live in a country where we can worship freely. Where my husband and I can spend time with teenagers and teach them about the saving love our Lord. Even with the frustration of the home in Hot Springs, I have never doubted He knew exactly what He is doing! (Even though, I have struggled with giving it all over to Him). I am thankful that He saved me.

Happy Thanksgiving friends!!


alyssa said...

What a wonderful post! It is a wonderful reminder that Thanksgiving is about much more than seeing how many different casseroles you can eat in one afternoon!