Saturday, November 14, 2009

Big Saturday

Weekends are always so busy around here. But this weekend really isnt too bad. After I got off work yesterday, we didnt do anything. I think I was actually asleep by 9. (which was a good thing, because I was up from 3:45am til 5 am with Jackson.. working on our swaddling situation).

I got up and went to Hobby Lobby and bought our Christmas tree skirt, because it was half price. And then I also bought the supplies to make Jackson's head dress... he is having a Thanksgiving dinner at school on Thursday, and he has to dress up like an Indian.

Amanda came in town for lunch, which was so fun. It was great to see her. Plus, it gave all of us the opportunity to get together for lunch. Even though, there are several of us that live in the OKC area.. life gets so busy, we dont have the chance to get together that often.

While I was having lunch with my friends, my parents came over to the house to hang out with Jackson. And, to help us set up our new dining room table. Our new table is MUCH bigger than what we had before, so I knew that I would have to rearrange our whole eating area, and I knew that I would need my moms help!!! It looks so different, but I really like it! We were multi-tasking while getting the dining room together. Craig and I are having a couple friend over for dinner tonight, so while I was helping mom dust off the new table and chairs, Craig was chopping up veggies for our dinner tonight. Well, then I decided that I wanted that big mirror moved from our guest room to the dining room, so Craig had to quit chopping to help move and hang the mirror. So, I took over the chopping. I was in charge of seeding and chopping the jalepenos.

Side note: I watch the Food Network, and I remember them saying that sometimes when cutting peppers, it is helpful to wear gloves. But if you dont, make sure you wash your hands very well before touching your face.

Well, just as I started chopping the jalepeno, my mom and I started talking about Jackson's "comb over". When he was born, he had a strip of hair right down the middle of his head. Kind of mohawkish. Very cute. Well, that part has gotten VERY long. So when the wind blows, he has some major hair! And there is really no style other than the comb over that you can do with it. So we decided to cut it alittle. So, I finished chopping the first jalepeno and we started to cut his hair!Mom was going to be the official "cutter". I couldnt do it.

This is right before the first cut was made. You can see the length that we are talking about. And you can see how sweet and precious my baby boy is.
He was definitely interested in what his Honey was doing!
Jackson really liked his new hair cut! It looks super cute! Its basically just shorter on the top.. we tried to spike it. It didnt stay, but it is nice to know we have some options with his hair now.

While we were outside, I noticed my nose was kind of burning. Evidently I did not follow Food Networks rule of washing my hands. But instead of me thinking to go inside and wash my hands real quick, I kept messing with my nose.

By the time that we got inside, I felt like my nose was going to fall off my face. Literally off my face. My eyes were watering. I finally washed my hands, and so then I tried to just put alittle bit of water on my nose.. it just made it burn more. My mom and husband were not very sympathetic, instead they laughed at me. Which, I have to admit, it was funny. But it was getting to be a serious emergency. So....Craig said that when you eat something hot, you should drink milk, because it takes the heat away. That if you drink water, it just makes it hotter. So they suggested that I put some milk on qtips and try and make my nose quit burning.So I put milk all up my nose. All up it. Gross. But, I am telling you, if you felt the burn that I felt. You would put milk ANYWHERE. It kinda took away some of the sting, but not all of it.
So we went back to the water. I couldnt help but remember the neti pot experience when I was pregnant. So I was trying to be really careful!
Craig told me to try and blow bubbles in the water with my nose, but I kinda felt like I was going to suffocate, so instead I just kept putting tons and tons of water up my nose.

I am proud to tell you, that my nose finally doesnt feel like its going to fall off my face. There are still moments when it burns, but it no longer an emergency.

Now, off to finish cooking dinner with the hubs!


alyssa said...

That is hilarious! Thanks for posting those pics along with the story. It really made me laugh!

HG said...

Oh My Goodness!! Sorry about your nose, but I laughed so hard! I'm so glad you had pictures to go along with the story!
Also, I don't know about your pregnant neti pot story, but I also had an incident with a neti pot while pregnant that made me ugly cry... seriously, I'm thinking neti pots and preggers don't mix.
Jackson's hair is SO cute!! I know what you mean about having styling options. We were trying to let Avery's "bangs" grow out, but she won't keep a bow in her hair, so most of the time she looks like the shaggy dog. Is your mom for hire? :)
The new table looks great! Also, I LOVE your side mirror things in your dining room (have I said that before?) Where did you get them?

The McClures said...

oh my GOODNESS! I am laughing SO hard, you are too funny!

LOVE Jackson's hair, adorable!

Wish I had been at luch with you all today!

mgoff said...

Jackson's hair is super adorable. You should ask Jess what she uses to fix Henry's hair? Hilarious about the pepper, but what I want to know is who had the camera out and ready??

danielle said...

we had the camera out, because we had just taken pictures of jackson's hair cut. and then as soon as craig knew i was fixing to put milk up my nose on qtips, he knew he needed to document.

Julie said...

i'm laughing out loud!

Dara Steward said...

Jackson... oh my! What a doll. Handsome haircut! He is so super cute. His face is just precious and I think he looks just like you both! I love your new table. I'm sure you will really enjoy it... you guys are such great hosts!

KillerB said...

Oh Danielle! Hahaha-- that actually was sort of smart to think of milk-- I've heard that about following up spicy foods with a glass of milk too.

Jackson's hair is super cute. He is so angelic with his little grin!