Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Whats Been Going On

This is the greatest little idea!!! I am so excited about it. My blog background is from And they will put your blog into a book for you! Including all the pictures that you put in your blog. You just pick the dates that you want included and they will put it in a book. You get to pick a picture for the front cover and the back cover. And you even get to write a little "forward". So this book was all the blogs that I wrote, from the day that I announced I was pregnant, to the last blog I wrote before Jackson was born!!! Having a boy, I dont know that he will be super sentimental, but I figured his wife and future kids will think its pretty neat to see what I was "journaling", while I was pregnant with Jackson!!! It is very special!!! I recommend it!

We are staying busy. As always. I think, I am going to start cutting out some activities. Our family just really needs more time of just being at home. It seems like we hardly ever are.. and I need that. I think we all do. I just have to start saying no.

My job at Joyful Noise is ALOT better. Some changes have been made, where I really enjoy going to work. And really LOVE all of the kids in our class!

I have also started working VERY part time for my brother in law. Doing administrative stuff in his offices. It is a tremendous blessing for our family!!! Today was my first day, and I really enjoyed it. I kind of felt like I was back in the adult world. It was nice. But I was very ready to see Jackson when it was time to go home!!!!

Our house has not sold yet. We have had zero offers and basically zero interest. I am pretty much in a constant state of stress. I know I have said it a million times, I know that God called us to Newcastle, so I know He has not forgotten about our house. I know it. Our pastor preached about going through storms on Sunday. He suggested instead of "telling God about our storm, tell our storm about our God". Good advice. He also reminded us that God isnt in debted to us in any way. He has done everything already. I understand and believe everything that he told us in that sermon.. but it sure doesnt change the fact, that I am still paying those bills monthly and wondering why in the world the perfect buyer has not come along.

I am frustrated.

Really really really frustrated.


mckenziegordon said...

That blog book is awesome!!! I think Jackson will treasure that, even though he is a boy!