Monday, October 5, 2009


Another big game. Another big loss. Ok, so it was only a one point loss, but still a BIG loss.

Even though, OU lost... we had a really GREAT time! My parents and Ward and Reese came over!

My parents came over early and helped weed our flower bed. (I dont know if you know this or not, but Craig and I dont necessarily have the "green thumb". We have got to get better). Thanks Mom and Dad! They look so much better!!!Jackson LOVES his Papa! I just love this picture of them!!!
We took a family picture (even with Raley) before the game started! Raley hasnt been living with us, and I really miss him! I really think that we are going to try to have him live with us again! We will see!Jackson has always loved facial features! He loves to grab noses, eyes, mouths, teeth, hair. But recently he has discovered ears! It is so funny, he will crane his neck around so he can look at them.. he doesnt necessarily grab them yet.. but just inspects them and maybe tries to chew on them!
Jackson loves his Uncle Ward!And he really really loves his Aunt Reese! It was absolutely hysterical. Jackson could not get enough kisses from her! He just kept his mouth open and kept kissing! :) It was making us laugh!!
This little boy brings me more joy! We are so blessed!

Oh yea... and... BOOMER SOONER!


Leslie said...

I might have already said this, because I have thought it several times, but I LOVE you as a brunette! So so pretty!