Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fire Prevention Month

Many of you know that I work on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Joyful Noise. It is a Mothers Day Out program at our church in Newcastle. It is really a great program. I have learned alot about myself and my parenting style. I get to work with a really great friend, which has been a blessing. Some days are alot harder than others. I am falling in love with some of the kids in our class. Some of them are just precious! I sometimes wonder if Jackson is too young to be there. But he really does seem to enjoy it and continues to change and progress, which makes it even easier for him to be there. For instance, when we started, he couldnt sit up by himself, so I was always worried that he was going to get stepped on by the other toddlers, etc. But now he can sit up and play. And he has his precious little crawl that can get him from Point A to Point B to play with the other kids.Another great thing about Jackson going to Joyful Noise, and me being in the same classroom as him, I can see what toys he likes to play with. I dont know about you, but baby toys overwhelm me. There are not many that look that interesting to me, and I really have no idea what he is going to enjoy. So, its nice to be able to let him "test" out some toys before we purchase them!

Another really great thing about him being in a program with other kids is he gets to experience things that I couldnt really expose him to just me and him at home! :) Granted, he wont remember this, but of course we take pictures to document. It is fire prevention week, so the Newcastle Fire Department came and brought their fire truck. They showed the older kids (every class, but my baby class), a video. They also had a fireman in all of his fireman gear, he went around and shook all the kids hands and then he took off his outfit, so they could see that it was just a real person in the suit and that he was not anything to be scared of. It was really a great idea! And then the kids got to meet Sparky! Jackson LOVED him. He just stared and kept wanting to touch him. I loved it! All the kids wanted Sparky to bark, but he was "sick and had lost his voice". Good call firemen! :)

It was a fun day!


mgoff said...

I didn't know that Jackson is crawling!

alyssa said...

Ooooh! Your little man just has the cutest face ever! His smiles melt my heart and I'm not even his Mama. You must be so proud.