Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy 35th Birthday Craig!

My husband turned 35 last week! We celebrated pretty much all week! And had so much fun!!

We have been together for 3 birthdays now. The first of his birthdays that we shared together, we drove to Baton Rouge to celebrate with my cousin, Jodi, as she got married. The second of his birthdays, we found out that we were having a boy! Which was VERY exciting, but we also found out about Jackson's cyst, which caused alot of stress. So this year, I really wanted his birthday to be all about him!!!
Wednesday, Jackson and I took him out for a quick birthday lunch to Taco Bueno. It is his favorite. It is not mine. But remember, it was all about him! :)Jackson was enjoying celebrating his Daddy's birthday at Bueno.
Wednesday night after church, Jackson and I had a family birthday party for Craig. Except that Jackson was asleep. But Craig was a good sport and still wore his birthday hat and posed in front of the Happy Birthday sign.I made one of his favorite dinners, and of course, he got to eat off the "You are Special Today" plate!

Thursday night, I told Craig that I was taking him out for his birthday, and that my good friends, Julie and Raymond were going to watch Jackson for us. Jackson had a great time hanging out with Julie and Raymond and is ready for them to make him a friend. :) While Jackson was busy playing, our families surprised Craig by being at Castle Falls for dinner. My husband LOVES German food, and the plan was that we were supposed to go to Castle Falls after our wedding, well I was too tired, so we just ordered pizza. So this was the perfect place to celebrate his birthday! Craig opened presents and found out that my parents were actually going to keep Jackson that night and that we would be leaving the following morning around 10 am.

After a restful night of sleep (thanks Mom and Dad), Craig and I left and drove to Tulsa! We went to Whole Foods to look at all their neat stuff, and had lunch!
We then checked into the Ambassador. It is a super nice hotel! Craig and I have really enjoyed staying at the Colcord and the Skirvin in OKC, so we were anxious to see how the Ambassador compared! It was really nice! It was PERFECT! We were just able to relax, play games, watch TV and enjoy eachother's company!! It was wonderful!
(I realize this picture is blurry... sorry!) After relaxing the afternoon away, we got ready and went to eat at Stonehorse Cafe in Utica Square. OH. MY. GOSH. It was DELICIOUS! My good friend from high school, Kelli, told us that we had to eat there hands down. And I am SO glad we listened to her. Craig and I both agreed, that it was quite possibly the best meal we have had in an extremely long time! Seriously friends, if you go to Tulsa, make reservations and go to Stonehorse. This is serious.

We sure did enjoy a weekend away, with two nights of uninterrupted sleep. BUT, we both, sure did miss this sweet boy! We couldnt wait to get back to my parents and get our hugs and kisses that we missed!

Happy Birthday Craig!


mgoff said...

glad to see the birthday banner is still in use!

KillerB said...

Hey Danielle! I love that you post pictures in your blog-- I'm officially following your posts now :)