Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jackson's First Road Trip

Craig had some vacation time left. And if we dont use it, we lose it. So we used it. :)

We went down to Dallas for OU/Texas weekend. We did not go to the game, but went to my aunt and uncle's house. It was really fun to spend time with them. They got to meet Jackson a couple of months ago, so it was neat to see how much he has changed since the last time he was in Dallas.

On Sunday, we left and drove to Houston. I havent been to Houston since my cousin Adam's wedding. That has been a few years!! Craig has never been to Houston. And of course, Jackson hasnt been either.
We went so that Jackson could meet his Great-Grandmother! It was really a special time! Grandma lives in a super nice retirement home in Houston! She rented us the guest apartment, so we stayed there with her. We had a wonderful time!! We were able to go out to my other aunt and uncle's new home in Houston for dinner on Sunday night. Their home was beautiful! And Houston was having fabulous weather, no humidity! So we were able to have dinner outside. It was GREAT!!!On Monday, we went to a Pumpkin Patch at my Grandma's church. Their youth hold this pumpkin patch every year as a fundraiser! Jackson had a good time!! He liked looking at all the pumpkins!
Grandma bought Jackson three pumpkins! They are perfect fall decorations! Thanks Grandma!
My Grandma is VERY involved at her retirement home. She heads up the quilting group! We were able to meet her quilting friends on Tuesday! She gave Jackson this sweet quilt. She chose this fabric, because my dad and brother both loved baseball so much! It is very special. The blue stuffed bear sitting on the quilt was made by my Grandma's sister, Jeanette, for Jackson. Grandma was one of eleven children. Jeanette has made a bear for every child that has been born in our family! Thas ALOT of bears! And Grandma gave Jackson my Grandpa's silver baby cup. How special. I am sad that Jackson will never be able to meet my Grandpa, but so neat that he has his silver baby cup!

We had a really wonderful trip, but I can tell you what... traveling with a baby is a bit different. Mommy is tired! :)


Julie said...

what a fun special time!

mgoff said...

LOVE the picture of Jackson with the pumpkins!

The McClures said...

how fun, sounds like a wonderful trip!! Man, I know what you mean about traveling with kiddos... not the easiest task and requires a TON of stuff!

erinkern said...

I am loving all the "babies with pumpkins" pictures this year--totally copying next time around! ;)