Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just an Evening in Newcastle

I took these pictures last night, but unfortunately I got mad, so I had to write that other post. :) Thank you, friends and mom, for calling and checking on me. I love that ya'll could tell that I was really really mad. I was. And still when I talk about it, I get a bit worked up. Ha!
Our yard got high. It rained alot. And unfortunately many of our nights are filled with activities, so Tuesday night, Craig got the opportunity to at least mow the back yard. So Jackson and I went back to play on his new swing.
We have HUGE bugs in Newcastle. I have never ever ever seen anything quite like this before. It looks like it has armor on. The picture truly does not do this bug justice. Craig said that it is a grasshopper. WHAT? This is not a grasshopper that I know... sick.

And according to other people this is a praying mantis or something. But I refer to it as the stick bug. And this picture does not do its length justice. Newcastle grows some big bugs!
This sweet boy loves being outside. And he loves watching his daddy mow. And I love his sweet face.


mgoff said...

Daisy loves to swing also. They would have such a good time swinging together. We should meet at a park sometime soon while the weather is nice!

Julie said...

I love his sweet face also!

Jamie said...

Love the pictures of Jackson... he is just precious!