Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween- Trick or Treat at Church

Last Thursday, we were supposed to have a fun field trip day at Joyful Noise (the mothers day out program at church). The plan was that the kids were going to have a costume parade and then we were going to go to the pumpkin patch in town. In order for the kids to go on the field trip, parents were going to have to go. So we were told that we could be "mom" that day. I was really excited to spend that time with Jackson.My mom (Jacksons Honey) came to hang out with us! And I am really glad she did!!! Jackson hadnt seen his honey in almost two weeks.. which is WAY too long. Plus, it decided to monsoon.. so we were not able to go to the pumpkin patch. :( I was pretty disappointed. You know me, and plans and expectations.
But pumpkin patch or no pumpkin patch.. my little puppy was absolutely the cutest little kid there!! Dont get me wrong.. there were some pretty adorable kiddos.. but Jackson definitely won cutest puppy! :)
Emily and I decided that we will bring back arranged marriages... they are just too cute!

Craig and I sure do love our little puppy! :)