Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween- Jackson's First Annual Halloween Party

A few months ago, Jackson and I talked, and we decided that since he was alittle young to appreciate Trick Or Treating, he would host a Halloween party for all of his friends! And Mommy and Daddy's friends too!! First of all, I found Jackson's first Halloween costume. I wanted him to look super cute.. and this fluffy dog was just perfect! So then our whole family had to have the "dog" theme. Craig wasnt super thrilled about dressing up as a dog, and since I was going for the dog walker idea....
So, he was Snoop Dogg. Cant you tell. You should, because he brought the computer into the bathroom, so he could copy the facial hair from the picture we found on the internet. My husband, he is so thug! :)
My awesome parents came over early to help us get ready! And when the guests started to arrive, Mom brought Jackson out to meet everyone, since he was the host. :)

Jackson's friend, Daisy, was an OU cheerleader. So her parents (my bff, Mindy) were proud cheer parents. Seriously, hysterical. And I am not even doing it justice. I just wish I had a picture of Chris' shorts. And I hope you can see his all real moustache. If you know my brother and his fiance, you know how appropriate this costume is!!! Ward LOVES to fly fish, and Reese is the perfectly supportive fiance, and will go camping and let him fish!!! She is a good "catch"! Reese made the fish costume! How great is it!!!
Jackson's Uncle Kurt (Spock), Aunt Amy (Beauty Queen), and cousins Rebecca and Madeline came also!!!
Amy was a pretty witch. And Julie and Raymond (for some reason, I dont have a pic of Raymond.. sadness!) were the Black Eyed Pea's... Super CUTE! I love them, and really am petitioning that maybe they will have an added baby for next years festivities. But I am reminded their life is not mine. :) But still, I think its a GREAT idea!
Jackson's friend Gabe, and our friends (his parents) Pascha and Carter came! Gabe was the CUTEST little OU football player. Look at how he was trying to intimidate Craig. And we are super excited about the new Sanders baby that will be joining us next year... will it be another boy or a little girl!??!
Dara and Ryan, brought the monkey, Evan!! He is too much fun!! And we are VERY excited for another baby boy Steward!!!
The Keahbones came!! Hannah was Thumbelina and Mikah was a lion, and I am so sad I did not end up with pictures of them!! Mike was trying on Amy's Beauty Queen sash.. fits him well I think!Our sweet friends Jon and Denise! Jon had been flying all week, so they werent able to get costumes together, but we are sure glad that they were able to come!!! Jon swears it will be another 10 to 20 years before they will have a baby to add to the mix at the Halloween party. I doubt it. :) But if so, we will remain patient.

My friends from high school, Stacy and Todd (with baby Thatcher in her belly), and my friend Carrie and her friend Nick also came, but I didnt get pictures with them either!

It was overall a great success. And we can't wait till Jackson's 2nd Annual Halloween Party! We love our family and friends!!


The McClures said...

What a GREAT party!!! Love your family costumes, hilarious!! And I really love your brother and fiance's too, absolutely hilarious! Wish we could have been there... maybe next year :)

Jamie said...

Looks like a fun festive evening... Jackson makes a super cute puppy!

Julie said...

your baby plans make me laugh. we had a lot of fun!

mgoff said...

Thanks for posting all the pics of your week's events. I have enjoyed looking at all the pictures. Now its time to relax!

HG said...

Oh my goodess Jackson is the cutest puppy!! I didn't even recognize Craig!! Seriously! HA!

Looks like you guys had a bunch of little cuties and creative costumes at your party!! The cheer parents idea cracks me up. And I can't believe your bro's fiance made that costume! Amazing!!

Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Lizzy said...

Those pics look great! By the way, I realized I work with one of the dad's from your girl's group. His name is Kendall McDaniel :)

Can you SAY small world!

How funny is that?? :)