Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween- Bunco Party

I am a part of a Bunco group now, its a bunch of ladies from our church. They are really alot of fun. Its eight core players, and then whoever hosts the party that month, invites four ladies (the intent is to invite people who recently joined the church, or are visiting).

I offered to host for October, and of course, I suggested that everyone wear costumes! We had a great time!
Paula and DeDe are mom's of a couple of our youth girls! Paula (on the left) was hysterical!
Crystal (a black eyed pea) is a good friend that I work with at Joyful Noise! And April (Facebook Queen) is one of my good friends at church.
Stacey's son is one of our youth also! I LOVED her costume.. she was the tooth fairy! It was super girly and cute!Craig and Jackson ran errands while we were having Girls Night. But, they did stop by for a little bit. So I got to have some snuggle time! :)Jackson was so enthralled with my headband. He would just tilt his head back and smile at me. And when we put the headband on him, he didnt even try to take it off. He is such a good boy!