Friday, September 25, 2009

Jackson's First Football Game

Today was the start to a VERY busy weekend. Evidently thats how we like them around here.

We decided to take Jackson in to the doctor this morning. He has been tugging on his ears and has been a bit more irritable lately ( a blog will be focused on this later), and although I really felt like he had allergies and he was teething, everything I read could not give me a peace that he did not have an ear infection. Ear infections and teething have just about the same symptoms. Awesome. So we went in, payed our co-pay. And found out that indeed, he does NOT have an ear infection. I am glad about that. And now I feel better watching him pull his ears.. knowing that I am not being a bad mom by not giving him antibiotics.

Then my friend Marisa is in town for a baby shower that we are hosting tomorrow. So I was able to meet her and another good friend from high school, Kelli for lunch. I love those girls.

And then, the highlight of the night... was Jackson's first football game! The first of many, I am sure. It was Newcastle's homecoming. One great thing about living in a smaller town, homecoming is a big deal. Football is a big deal. At the games, you see so many people.. it is really fun!! One of my good friends here made Jackson a shirt, because not even Walmart had little baby Newcastle shirts. He looked precious! He did really good. After alot of our kids marched during half time, we decided it would be best for us to leave before Jackson got vocal about his tiredness. He was super dramatic when we were leaving, everyone would stop to talk to him, and he would open his mouth and close his eyes like he was fixing to wail.. .but he would make no noise. It was really really funny!!! Here are some pictures to document the occasion.My baby boy and I getting ready for the game! We were both excited!
During the pregame festivities, it started raining. It looks as though it might have been chilly... not so much. But had to protect our heads. :) Jackson, however, did not like the rain or the hat...The rain stopped, and Jackson contemplated whether or not he was going to play football some day!!Twins!

Seriously, is he not the cutest little boy ever!!! He was looking at these 8 year old boys behind us in complete fascination during the game. One of our precious students from our South Campus is the mascot, the racer, we wanted Jackson to take his picture with her. He looks terrified! If he only knew who was in the costume!!
We havent taken a picture together in forever! You cant tell in this picture.. but we were twinkies... I didnt like the girls version of the Newcastle sweatshirt.. so I got the boys. :)

A fun night in the big town of Newcastle!


erinkern said...

Looks like a fun outing...except of course for the rain! :(

mgoff said...

Really cute picture of you and Craig! So glad Jackson did well and I am happy he is not sick! Hope to talk to you soon!

Leslie said...

I love his little shirt with your last name on the back! Precious.