Thursday, September 17, 2009

Its Fall, I Think.

Its Fall. I think. The reason why I say I think, is because I am not exactly sure what day fall actually falls on, but I feel like its fall because football has started... so...

I have never been one to decorate for holidays (other than Christmas, of course). Just in my single days, I didnt really think it was super necessary. And then, as you all know, Craig and I's first year was ALOT of transition, so decorating for holidays wasnt the biggest priority of mine.

Well, now we are settled in a home, and so I thought I needed to start decorating for holidays (seasons). Jackson will eventually get to an age where he will notice and care, and then he will get to an age where he could care less.

I bought a wreath. And I love it. I bought it at Hobby Lobby for half price. I thought I got such a great deal and was so pleased until I got home and read my friend from high school, Alyssa's blog. So crafty. I am jealous. But I still love my $50 wreath! I will use it for several falls!

I bought a few other items for inside the house, but I did not have a vision for my decorations BEFORE I entered Hobby Lobby. And so I drove my husband and child crazy walking up and down the aisles, stopping, staring, placing pumpkins in different arrangements. Ugh. So, I ended up with a few items that I am very happy with, and decided that I am done for fall for THIS YEAR. That stuff is expensive, even if it is half off. So, I will just continue my vision and my collection, NEXT YEAR.

New subject.. Jackson has been going to Mothers Day Out at our church, its called Joyful Noise. I am his teacher. And my friend Emily Freeman. We have NINE babies. NINE. Some days I want to just leave. And never enter Joyful Noise again. And then there are some days that are tolerable. And there are some MOMENTS that are even good. Dont get me wrong, we have some sweet babies, some that I really like alot, but nine babies is alot.

Lets just say, I am learning ALOT about different parenting styles. ALOT.

With nine babies, and mine being somewhat laid back, he doesnt always get the attention that he deserves. For instance on Tuesday, I felt like I should change his diaper, but we were trying to herd everyone out to the playground, so I waited. As soon as we got him inside, I went to change him. He was wet. His onesie was wet, his pants were wet. And I felt awful. I knew I should have changed the poor boy. Then I go to his diaper bag to get out the extra outfit that I ALWAYS have for him. It was not in there. And my husband was in staff meeting, so then I was the not prepared mother.
So, here is my naked child in the swing. Look at that cute belly.

But the thing is, Jackson would MUCH rather be naked than have on clothes, as displayed in this picture. He does not love to fall asleep at Joyful Noise.. but he did as soon as he was naked and in the swing. Sweet boy!

Mom, dont worry, when you read this blog, he was not like this for long. Craig got out of staff meeting and went and got him another outfit. :)


The McClures said...

This is hilaious! Naked babies are pretty cute!
LOVE your wreath! And I just looked at your friends... really, really cute too! I think I might have to do that!

reeseann said...

haha the "So, here is my naked child in the swing" comment/caption made me laugh out loud. i love it : )

mgoff said...

Chris calls this 'naked' look another name...I will have to tell you later so I don't offend anyone online! You are becoming so 'mom' with your seasonal decorations!

Tracy and Adam said...

What a beautiful wreath! (And of course a really cute kid!)

alyssa said...

Thanks for the sweet compliment and link to my blog! I also freak out at all of Hobby Lobby's seasonal decor but, you're right, it's expensive. One idea I stole from a magazine last year that will last you thru all of Oct. and Nov that is some pumpkins for your porch and for Oct. tie black and white polka dot ribbon around the stems. For November, switch out the ribbon to golds and chocolate browns and paint the pumpkins with gold and bronze craft paints. On a couple of them I added really big chocolate brown polka dots. It's an expensive way to decorate for two holidays. Have fun with your fall decor! I'd love to see more pics!