Monday, September 14, 2009

Jackson and Friends

We have been staying so busy lately! And we dont see a slow down in the near future! Good thing we like to live on the go! :)

A couple of weeks ago, one of my best friends from college came in town from Nashville! Not only was it wonderful to see her, we got to meet her beautiful twins, Elle and Lola!! Stacy is such a good mom, watching her with the twins was so neat! I am still learning how to be a good mom to one little boy, I cant imagine being a good mom to two! But she definitely is!

I was really blessed going to OBU and meeting girls that I know will be lifelong friends. When Stacy and the girls were in town, a few of us were able to get together with our kids. We definitely missed our friends who werent able to make it! It still blows my mind that it seems like just yesterday we were hanging out at West U, and now we are having play dates with our kids. Here are some pics from the great day! (I really did intend on getting all the kids together for a picture, but it didnt happen...oops)
How cute is Daisy!Sweet Lola! Precious Elle! The only way I know them apart is because of Elle's hair (which I know you cant see in this picture, but I have another one from far away!)
Evan was there too! And obviously this picture is a sure sign that I need to get better at taking pictures of busy boys! :) Baby Steward was with us too (just inside Dara's tummy!) Cant wait till he/she comes out to play!!!
And then of course my sweet baby boy! I am pretty sure this is when he was entertaining everyone by showing off his awesome growling skills. I think it was aimed at Mindy's ceiling fan! :)

What sweet babies everyone has! Cant wait till we add more babies to the "friend family". Who's next?!?! (After Dara of course!)