Sunday, September 13, 2009


Its here! Football season. Seriously my favorite! I love this time of year!!!! Its so easy to become passionate about things that you absolutely LOVE and things you might really hate. But since "hate" is such a strong word.. I will go over a few things that I am definitely a fan of, and things I am definitely NOT a fan of. :)
FAN: OU Football and Sam Bradford. My heart seriously stopped when he got hurt in the first game against BYU. I do not know him at all, but from what I hear and see, he is a really really good guy. And it makes me sad that he came back this season, just to get hurt in the first game. Surely that means, he is going to be able to come back and play! I am so thankful that we live in Oklahoma period. But living in Oklahoma during football season is an added bonus! I definitely am a fan of the Sooners!
NOT A FAN: Landry Jones moustache. It is sick. And he looks dirty. I am sure he is a quality quarterback, and he did fine last night (from what I HEARD on the radio), but seriously... gross.FAN: My Uncle Jerry. Played and coached at LSU. I am sure that if I was alive when he played and or coached, I would have LOVED LSU. I would have been a loyal and die hard fan. I do REALLY want to go to a game in Tiger Stadium. I hear really great things.

NOT A FAN: Les Miles and the current LSU Tigers. There is nothing that I really like about Les Miles. And I probably do not like LSU because of their recent wins against the Sooners. But I do not love the Tigers. (But I still want to go to a game in Tiger Stadium)

FAN: Ok, this is kinda hard for me to type, and some of you will be shocked, I know. I have always thought I did not like Pete Carroll at all. He kinda bugged me. BUT, if I am honest, I think I like the man. He seems really smart. And creative. And a good coach. He can come up with the plays that will win a big game. I am kind of jealous.NOT A FAN: Even realizing that Pete Carroll might be a great football coach, I am not a fan of the USC Trojans. At all. I find great joy in watching them struggle or lose. Again, if I am honest, I am sure it has to do with the times that they have been ahead of OU in the rankings.. or the fact that the national media has a love affair with them. Whatever, I dont like them.

I do love football season.


Julie said...

I saw something on Pete Carol and I'm a fan of him too. It showed how he goes into the ghetto to mentor kids. I'm realizing that I'm not as much of a fan of football as most of Oklahoma is! :)

Julie said...

oops totally misspelled pete carroll!