Monday, August 10, 2009


Last week, Jackson started getting a runny nose, and his he was pulling on his ears, and he was not sleeping well. Jackson has been a healthy baby, and has never had a runny nose (knock on wood).. so I just assumed he was cutting teeth. But when I felt in his mouth (which he HATES), I couldnt feel anything. And I couldnt see anything. But Saturday, I started to notice his bottom left side of his gum was swollen and maybe even a little white. So I started focusing my attention there with the orajel (which he HATES). And then yesterday, it started poking through. My little boy is getting his first tooth. I know that this is totally normal.. and that some people's baby's cut teeth even earlier, but for me, it is symbolizing that he is really growing up. It kind of makes me sad. But I didnt cry.

THEN, last night after we had an awesome night at church (which will be another post all in itself.. I need to scan some pictures)...I brought Jackson home and was going to put him to bed. I started to swaddle him and he SCREAMED. So I just laid him in bed, unswaddled and he fell alseep. That has never happened. In fact, he would only go to sleep IF swaddled. Again, it made me sad. It was kinda like he was saying to me, "mommy, i dont need your help going to sleep". But I didnt cry.

He's just growing up. (As I type this, he is doing his little crawling movement to the front door). I love him.


mgoff said...

I am so excited to see his cute little teeth!!!! He is getting so big!

Emily & Eli said...

He is SOOO cute!

sweet jude's mom said...

Jude just got his first tooth this week, so Jackson's earlier than him! :) He is such a cutie, Danielle!!