Saturday, August 15, 2009

Choir Trip

I loved being in the youth group at FBC Edmond. I love being the youth ministers wife at FBC Newcastle!

Our students this year, took a choir trip to Colorado. I wasnt able to go, because I needed to stay home and be a mommy. But Craig went. The students were able to sing at a few churches. They were able to grow closer as a unit and have lots of fun!

When they got home and I was listening to their stories and looking at their MILLIONS of pictures, it made me think back to my days in the youth group and our choir trips. So, we are going to take a little walk down memory lane!This is our super youth choir! They really are talented! See how cute they look in their "Hearts Cry" shirts!
And then here is my super fabulous youth choir! I believe this particular year we were in Kansas. Yes, that is me in the front row, with my head cocked super far to the side. I have NO idea what I was doing. And of course, we were sporting the super cute white shirt and khaki pants. Classic.
We have super talented students. Like they can sing REALLY good. And many of them can play instruments.. they are just very good. Which is really important for a choir trip... :)

Those of you, who know me.. know that my strength is NOT my singing voice. But I sure can talk. So I was the "go to" speaker. Thats right!
AND they are creative. They make music with trash cans and paint bottles. This is one of my favorite songs that they do! It is really really neat.And in Edmond, we were creative. We rapped. Yes, thats right.. that is Julie Day Harris and Erin Kennedy Austin up there rapping with me. We were good.

Our students got place to place in their vans. Lots and LOTS of time was spent in the vans. LOTS.We spent lots and LOTS of time in vans. However, I am pretty sure our students vans were nicer than the vans we rode in. Probably safer too.

On these trips, there is always alittle time just for fun. Our students went white water rafting. I was so nervous for them (I have never been). But they had such a great time! My hubby even loved it!
We liked to have fun too. :) This particular trip, we went to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I dont even remember what we did there, but I do remember asking these men, who I assumed to be important, because they were in yellow suits, if we could take our picture with them. (I could not leave Jamie out of this walk down memory lane)!

These pictures, make me wonder why I thought I was so cool when younger. Ha! But we definitely had a good time on our choir trips! Maybe next year, I can make more memories with our students and go with them!!! :)


Julie said...!!
those were some good times! what great memories! :)

Jamie said...

What a fun post! Enjoyed going down memory lane and looking at pictures... I remember taking that picture at the Indy 500... good times!

Amanda Isaacs said...

Great blog Dan! I love it!

Katrina Jones said...

Haha! That is spectacular! I loved it!